Eldar_woman_02_02 copyAs an Eldar player for a long long time, I have my own ideas of how things should be.  And I will probably come up with more stuff later, but right now if Phil Kelly were to ask me what I think should be in the next Eldar codex, I’d say things like this:

* Phoenix Lords: Disciples: If you take a Phoenix Lord as a HQ choice, then his/her aspect counts as a troops choice in your army.

* Phoenix Lords: Invuln: The Phoenix Lords are awesome individuals and you pay out the nose for them, averaging about 200 pts a piece.  Twice as much as a basic SM Captain or similar figure.  Why then, are they so damn squishy??  Basic HQ models in other armies have Invuln saves, and even some elite choices and a lot of Chaos army choices have them standard.  Why, then, does my 200pt HQ model NOT have one???  Asurmen is the only Phoenix Lord with an invuln save of 4+.  I suggest he maintain that to reflect his Battle Fate rule, while all other Lords get a 5+ invuln save.  I want a little more security for my investment!

* Dark Reapers: the fluff talks about how the vanes on their helmets help their targeting, yet no rules reflect that.  Given that they are 35pt each, I figure we’re due a little more bang for our buck.  I’d like to see them get Skyfire standard to reflect the fluff on their gear.

* Dedicated Transports!  The elder have ONE and it costs 100 pts or more depending on weapon choice.  You can buy 3 rhinos for what one Wave Serpent costs.   That’s killing us Space Elves.  And as the elves are more fragile in general than most, having a transport to move them is important, but at that price??  We need cheaper transports and more options for them (like venoms are for DE – give us a smaller, cheaper option too please).

* Similarly, there are some points comparisons which are depressing.  And some not, I admit.  Sixteen points for a power sword wielding Init 10 banshee is a pretty good deal, but 45 plus weapon for a fragile, open-topped vyper when a sturdier land speeder comes WITH its weapon for 50 is a bit off.  I suppose one could argue the rip-offs balance out with the bargains for the Eldar but, especially in comparison to the newer codices, I think Eldar tend to be over-priced.

* Shuriken Catapults – they suck!  Their stat line is fine, in keeping with bolters and other high-end standard issue shooty bits, but their range is terrible.  Twelve inches standard, 18 for the “advanced” Avenger ‘pults.  So guardians, who suck anyway, cannot fire on anyone until they are close enough to get killed first.  That has to change!  I suggest 18″ for standard and 24″ for Avengers.  And it logically follows that shuriken cannons should be better than a meager 24″ as well – make them 30″ or even 36″ please.

* And speaking of shuriken cannons, the Death Jester Shrieker Cannon: basically the “virulent toxins” that make folks explode are only worth a pinning test, which most will pass.  It sounds like a poisoned weapon to me.  I’d say Strength 6 in keeping with the shuriken cannon pattern, but never requires worse than a 4+ to wound no matter the targets toughness. And pinning.  Or, if they cause the target to swell and rupture, maybe it’s an instant death weapon?

* Bring back the Harlequin Solitaire.  Kind of like the SW lone wolf, a single dude who wanders alone but is bad ass.  Maybe with a Guardsman Marbo kind of infiltrate rule, neuro-disruptor that reduced enemy’s Init or Attacks, some kind of psychic power…  I could actually come up with quite a bit on Harlequins, but think they are pretty good as is.

* Psychic powers – this applies to the 6th edition 40K as a whole.  Currently to take random powers from the main rulebook you have first pay whatever the normal , varying prices are for your codex powers and then trade them for a random power.  So you might have to buy one at 20pts and the next at 30pt just to get a grab bag prize.  I suggest that ALL random rulebook-based psychic powers cost a flat rate of 20pts for all armies.  If you prefer your codex powers (and sometimes I do) then pay as per the codex.

* Warlocks: I’d like to see warlocks become independent characters like Elite-choice Chaplains, Blood Angel medics, and IG priests.  Or we can follow the wolf guard and necron royal court examples and say you buy so many and then distribute them throughout the army.  So for the Eldar’s codex let’s say this:  0-5 Warlocks can be taken per HQ choice you take, no matter who that HQ is.  They count as an HQ choice but do not use up a slot.  They then operate as independent characters and can join other units, or can form a squad with a farseer.

* Jet Bikes – While I love the advantage of the 3+ armor save, it doesn’t make much sense compared to the DE Reaver save of 5+.  Instead riding a jetbike improves Toughness and Armor Save both by +1.  So for Guardians it’d be 4+ armor save, shining spears 3+ and the exarch 2+ (standard aspect armor is 4+, exarch 3+).  Then for warlocks and farseers I’d say the wraithbone breast plate counts as both an armor and invuln save of 4+, so on a bike armor is 3+, invuln still 4+.  (And of course the improved catapult range of 18″.)

Okay, that’s all I got right now.  I don’t think I’m asking for a freakin’ Blood Angels codex here (every bleepity-bleep advantage you can imagine at no points cost, cheatin’ bastards…), just a fair shake to keep up with all the rest of the Joneses in the galaxy.

What do YOU think???

J. D. Brink

Brinks Chaos Theory

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  • My knowledge of Eldar is limited to the few times I’ve face them. However, what you’re looking for is extremely reasonable and not over the top, AKA: Necrons.

    • Lukas

      Eldar also didn’t used to have the Phase Out rule.

      Necrons have earned their reign, and we shall retake our galaxy.

      *maniacal robotic laugh*

      • I like that they have expanded on the Necrons but I also like the simplistic terminators of yore.
        And the last time we Eldar put you rust buckets down you weren’t so uppity! ;)

      • khorneinquisitor

        I remember when necrons first came out and they were brutal then and phase out seemed reasonable. They just took a little too long updating the book.

    • I think most of the newer codexes have come out a bit overpowered compared to the older ones. Some more than ” a bit”… Blood Angels is the cheatin’est codex ever, of course, and though I like Dark Eldar they have some cheap units that pack quite a punch for the points. It seems to be the tend these days.

    • khorneinquisitor

      Us, necrons are way over the top. Unfortunately games workshop has been in a pendulum like swing with codices. Each one causes lots and lots of players to change armies as the new army is a monster and smashes everyone through virtue of retarded unstoppable lists and many players jump on these armies to simply win.

      However, with the new CSM book being significantly morer balanced than previous books we may be witnessing a new ideology of balance. That said, I suspect a new elder book, similar to the CSM book, will be based more on forging a storyline or thematic army than building a powerhouse. Necrons and grey knights will fade, causing those players to be disgruntled that they can’t win on lists alone, but hopefully GW stays on their current track of attempting to keep reasonable codices that focus on story, fluff, and interesting non-uniformed builds.

      So take it or leave it, the elder will get some of the stuff I am sure. I’d bet that the Psyker powers they get will be unreal, that they will have a lot of nifty upgrades, but as for general “more powerful” or “better” upgrades I wouldn’t hold your breath. As the CSM codes showed, the things that got better became better with a price.

      Lastly, high WSs are unreal these days, I agree. Bloodthirsters and the avatar have WS 10. Essentially, both gods of war in their own right…however it strikes me as odd that some space marines are even remotely as powerful or skilled as a god like being that has existed longer than humanity. My two cents.

  • I’m a bit iffy on Banshees being much of a bargain. With strength 3 you need fives to wound marines. They’re decent but not great. If they had access to an inexpensive assault transport they might be worth the points but as is they are tough to get in and underwhelming when they get there.

    Eldar definitely need better transports. Necrons and Guard get transports that are comparable to Wave Serpents in stats and price, except theirs are flyers. Just making the Wave Serpent a hover capable flyer for the same points, with no other changes to the codex, would go a long way toward balancing the Eldar to other armies.

    Avenger catapults aren’t bad though a range bump would be nice. Maybe they could all be 24 inch range, but guardians count them as rapid fire instead of assault. Either way I agree that guardians need more range. Even a return to the lasgun would be an improvement.

    It bugs me that Dark Reapers aren’t better because I’ve always liked them. I would love to see them return to carrying actual missile launchers again.

    A solitaire would be awesome. Mine is one of my favorite Eldar models but I don’t have a use for him.

    I assume they’ll get their own psychic table(s) like the CSM.

    Most of your suggestions sound reasonable. Personally, I think most of the Eldar units are pretty good as written. I would be happy enough to get some anti-flyer and an overall point reduction.

    • Thanks! And I agree, for the most part I like what we have, just needs some tweaking to balance out with more modern rules and newer codex rules/points.
      I kinda like the idea of Guardians with rapid fire and DAs with assault, though i’m good with improved range too, as long as the basic range is better than 12″ darn inches!
      Reapers are a staple unit for me, my primary firepower and anti-marine unit. I always run the exarch with a tempest launcher. Gets expensive on the points tho for a 1-wound model!
      You’re right about banshees, definitely at a disadvantage compared to most with their S3, but when a marine pays 15pts just to have a power weapon, a 16 pt model with one is pretty nice. I always give my exarch an executioner and sometimes run Jain too — they provide most of the casualty-making power while the rest of the girls do their best and suck up the wounds. Of course in 6th ed you can’t just let the weaker models die for you all the time. and if they don’t have a reliable and affordable transport they get gunned down before they can butcher anyway. an Eldar assault transport is a GREAT idea! a sleek, hovering LR Crusader-type with lots of lower-calibre, higher-volume fire power would be sweet!

  • BenitoSenence

    I like a lot of your sugesstions, they also should fix or incorporate a holo field that works with the 6th edition system. It was always a staple of the eldar technology. They also need to fix their ballistic skill. 3 doesn’t make sense as their counterparts have 4’s!

    • I like the way holofields work in 5th and I think it could stay the same way. As for BS 3, for guardians and vehicles, i think that’s reasonable when you think of them as citizen soldiers called up in defense of the Craftworld. The aspects have 4s and exarchs have 5s, so I’m good with that. Though some of the more recent codexes (codices?) have models with WS 8 or 9 — hey, if a thousand year old Phoenix Lord only has a WS/BS 7, where does some Marine come off with an 8 or 9??

  • As a fellow Eldar player, Wish lists are fun nad when realized, help keep you playing the game. I agree with most. Plus, having T3, S3 is tough. A base BS of 4 is needed-they’re xeno nimble, like the BASE DE. Eldar in epic are awesome because they all have a reserve move. It would be fitting in 40K. Ditto on your thoughts on the catapults. Ditto on the Warlocks with the power being to make those Witchblades into Force weapons..jeez, …they can cut through a tank but not Terminator armor?! Farseer’s SHOULD NOT require LOS for witchfire the fluff..they can see targets from other galaxies…jeez. I think switching out Eldar powers for PICKING comparable Primaris Powers should be allowed (Seeing as Eldar powers seem to be put into the Primaris powers anyway).

    I’d go S6 AP5 Rending Blast, Pinning on the Shreiker ammo. Phoenix Lord need the invuln-I’d go for their aspects being 2-for-1. Dark Reapers need 3 things- the launchers need a S8 AP2 Heavy 1 missle option, the Range Finder needs to negate Jinx, Shroud or Stealth bonus, with Skyfire being an ability added by the Exarch. Banshee masks need to make the enemy WS 1 until they recover by passing a Ld test. Let the Exarch give them Furious Charge. Jetbikes are good with BS 4 and catapults that can actually shoot at range.

    Striking Scorpions-Mask +1 Attack and attacks are Poison(3), Sabres give them Rending. Nuff said.

    Harlequins-not only do they need a Solataire, they need Saves!!! Make the Holosuit a 4+ invuln in CC and let the Harelquins have the same weapon options as Death Company (PW, Fusion Guns). Harlequin’s Kiss should be Instant Death (your guts are monofilament laden soup now).

    Can someone make the Wraithguard actually resemble Terminators..for 35 points they should get some CC options and a 2+ save. Poison doesn’t affect.

    WarpSpiders: Jump 18″, Into cover (not on it), Template, Instant Death (See monofilament effect above). Jump out. Treating them like combustion engine jump troops is awful.

    WraithLord: 5 things: Special choice, +1 A, D-Cannon option, and 2+ Save. Poison doesn’t affect.

    Avatar: Poison doesn’t affect. Court of the Young King?!

    Swooping Hawks: Drumroll please…they need Swooping Attack from p49 of the main rule book with Vector Strike, Skyfire, adn Intercept w/one S5 Vector Strike for every 5 Hawks.

    Wave Serpent: Too expensive, plus–how about all attacks against it > S6 are S6 instead of S8. Including assaults to the front and side? The S8 hardly stops any Heavy Weapon. against shooting if moving at the slowest speed? Brightlances are too expensive.

    Vypers to be added to Guardian squadrons as T5 or T6 ‘Attack’ Bikes like the marines have.

    Just some thoughts.

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