Tau Fandex: Path Finders

Tau FandexLast Wednesday I came to the conclusion that I cant stand playing my Tau any more. I was teaching a friend how to play Tau. We were playing annihilation against a Thunder Wolf spam list and we played pretty well. My friend and I made few mistakes and we took advantage of the lack of experience that our opponents brought.

End game Them 5 Us 1. Wow we got stomped

Its not the loss that really bothers me so much. Its the lack of fun, the heart break and units just not working.

I have decided that I am going to give a stab at a Tau fandex or at least Tau fandex entries.

“Tau Pathfinders are skilled at infiltrating the battlefield and spring ambushes on the unsuspecting enemy.” Not so much.

WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:3 I:2 A:1 W:1 LD:8 SV:4+  Points 16  Squad 4-8

One can be a team leader +5 points

WS4 BS:3 S:3 T:3 I:2 A:2 W:1 LD:9 SV:4+

USR: Infiltrate and Stealth

War gear

Marker Rifle: Assault 1 Fires Marker Light. 18 inch range

Dual Pulse Pistols. Assault 1 S:5 twin linked 6 inch pinning. Counts as 2 close combat weapons. Pathfinder uses Strength of pistol in combat.
Defensive and Assault Grenades

Team leader can take special equipment.

Ok some obvious changes here and no Devil Fish. I never thought the Devil Fish fit and I plan on replacing it with a variation of the Piranha. A faster quitter vehicle.

One unit down :P


  • It’s the same sad realization I had with my Orks last year. Orks as a whole still operate pretty well but not the style I like. On the plus side, should see a new Tau codex sooner than later.

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