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Crusade of Fire: Tau Incursion – Chaos Player Fiction

    The Tau had sheltered within the ruins of what appeared to be a long forgotten city. Disciples of Twilight advanced within the outer perimeter of the city, using the large buildings as cover while their force assembled.

    The core of the Disciples army was on the south side of the city while the faster elements of the force took the northwestern region. The Tau had staged their deployment northeast of the Disciples location. Between both armies was the objective, the center of the city from which the occupant would be able to gain control of the city.

    Suddenly the Tau advanced on the Disciples of Twilight’s position, getting a firing solution on their army sheltered beside a building. A Hammerhead opened fire with its railgun and the Defiler exploded upon impact. Missiles from an unseen source came screaming in and slammed into a Rhino, quickly turning it into a wreck. The wreckage of the vehicle had pinned down the Chaos Marines within.

    The attack was unexpected, at least the nature of it. Lord Soulgore had not expected a Tau advance. As his mind quickly processed the needed change in strategy he issued orders and the army advanced. The Bikers drove through a ruined building in the northwest and formed up with Soulgore and his unit of Spawn. The rest of the army remained in position to give supporting fire.

    Continuing their advance, the Tau were securing the north center of the city and sweeping around some Crisis Suits and a Devilfish towards the southeast, the right flank of the Disciple’s position. With the Disciples of Twilight so entrenched the Tau’s fire power was minimized. However, the last Rhino took some railgun hits from Broadsides and shuddered to a stop.

    While Soulgore lead the Spawn and Bikers into the northern units of Tau, the rest of the army continued to hold ground and support the advance. The Forgefiend opened fire on the Devilfish sweeping in from the east. Succumbing to weight of fire, the Devilfish shattered and the Fire Warriors within were caught in its remains. Soulgore charged a unit of Crisis Suits and all three were fatally wounded before they had time to react.

    Still the Tau advanced. Crisis Suits were trying to secure the center of the city and a Devilfish moved with them. The barrage of fire was overwhelming. The Spawn unit, which Soulgore sent forward without him while he destroyed some Fire Warriors, simply disappeared. A Crisis Suit team led by Commander Farsight fired upon and then charged the Forgefiend. Farsight’s blade tore through the daemonic armored flesh of the Forgefiend releasing the contained daemon back to the warp.

    Surveying the field from his position in the north of the city, Soulgore opened his vox to the force. “Close the pincer,” he commanded. The Chaos Marines began advancing to the center of the city, firing upon the units of Tau seeking to hold it. The weight of fire took its toll and the Tau began to lose their hold. Bikers swept around the northeastern flank and slammed into an entrenched Fire Warrior squad. The Champion’s power sword left none alive. Soulgore kicked his Juggernaut forward. Raising his axe of blind fury he charged into a Crisis Suit team. The suits were too slow to respond to the charge and not one remained alive after Soulgore’s fury.

    In desperation the Tau looked to deny the center of the city but their roadblocks were destroyed and the Disciples of Twilight took their victory.

    Disciples of Twilight

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    Ming from b&c
    Ming from b&c
    11 years ago

    Awesome battle. Man, add at least a map.

    11 years ago

    Very nice use of the narrative elements to make the battle into a story. It’s somewhere between a story told in 3rd person, and a concise battle report. It works well because we want to know how the battle went without hearing about all of the details. Ming has a good point about a battle map, or I’m thinking some photos of the protagonists (in this case Soulgore, Farsight, the Forgefiend and the Crisis suits) would enhance your style.
    Very entertaining and I’ll be back for more :)

    Jeremy Brink
    11 years ago

    I agree with these guys. Good narrative style, makes for a fun battle report, but needs some visuals. I’d really like to see what Soulgore on his Jugger looks like!

    11 years ago

    Nice report. It is a fun read and it sounds like it was a good battle.
    11 years ago

    An excellent narrative battle report! I loved every part, very detailed and carefully worded!

    11 years ago

    I always enjoy your narrative battle reports. It is such a refreshing change from the ever so typical Battle reports we see everywhere else. I find myself actually picturing the units advancing and others exploding.