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Into the Unknown: The Space Hulk (Chaos Marines Fiction)

    At my LGS we started doing a Warhammer 40K campaign that’s an escalation style with each week having slightly larger games and your primary HQ and primary troop choice getting stat boosts as the campaign progresses. I thought this would be a great time to get another HQ choice of mine some established fluff. The last time we did a campaign was when Soulgore was born.

    For this campaign I opted to take along a Sorcerer in power armor and I’m using the Crimson Slaughter rules. I also figure this is a great chance to give Crimson Slaughter a good test run. I can add another HQ to my lists but the Sorcerer has to be present in each list and cannot remove wargear but can add wargear. Seeing as this is about taking my first game and turning it into a fluffy battle report, I won’t go over the details of my list.

    Be warned, this is a bit long. It tends to happen as I get going with these narrative reports.

    Into the Unknown: Space Hulk

    A space hulk had been drifting for weeks in the region of Forlorn, the home planet of the Disciples of Twilight. No activity had been detected from the space hulk during those weeks of it drifting. By the third week the Furor Noctis, the governing council of the Disciples of Twilight, had agreed that an investigation of the space hulk was needed. Supplies were always needed by the warband, the days of being replenished by the Imperium were long gone, and the potential cache that could be aboard the space hulk could not be ignored.

    Sorcerer Warforce was granted the task of assembling a small strike force to analyze the space hulk and board it if deemed safe. Chaos Marines of the Vengeance Squad and Redemption Squad were gathered to form the main force. Cultists were also assembled for the task as well as the Gorgons, the elite of the Disciples of Twilight and some of the few Marines who possessed terminator armor, who would lead the force.

    The transport vessel for the strike force kept its distance from the space hulk and began scanning the derelict ship. All of the ship’s systems were offline or working at such low capacity as to be undetectable. By all accounts it seemed as though the space hulk was either vacant or the crew dead. Warforce made the decision to board the ship and investigate further.

    The Gorgons in terminator armor took the lead of the war party upon boarding the space hulk. The strike force had walked for approximately 30 minutes before coming to a large storage area. Warforce had begun detecting a psychic presence as they had neared the storage area and the feeling grew stronger when they had entered the huge warehouse sized room. There was something present in the area and Warforce would not be caught unprepared.

    Disciples of Twilight - Into the Unknown: The Space Hulk
    Actual game shot. The board wasn’t very space hulky, the good terrain was snagged already, but we treated all terrain as impassable to represent the confines of a space hulk.

    Warforce informed the strike force of what he was detecting and split the party. The Terminators, followed by Warforce and the Chaos Marines from Redemption Squad, broke to the left of the storage area while Vengeance Squad lead the Cultists to the right.

    Opening himself to the warp, Warforce gathered the dark swirling energy and cast a spell of invisibility upon the Gorgons. The blessing would make the Terminators hard to see, not truly invisible, should they encounter any resistance. No sooner had the Gorgons broke from cover then a hail of rounds pounded into their thick armor. Orks on warbikes were racing up towards their position and firing to full effect on their way in. What the warbikes lacked in power they more than made up for in volume of shots. Two of the Gorgons fell to the unrelenting fire of the Orks.

    Meanwhile, the Chaos Marines of Vengeance Squad had also come under fire. Flashgitz were firing upon them from cover but their shots were mostly wild and far from effective. Vengeance Squad advanced under cover and fired on the Flashgitz, forcing their heads down.

    While Warforce and Redemption Squad advanced behind the Gorgons, a shimmering box lay upon the floor. There was no time to ponder the significance of the box while they were being attacked from range. A member of Redemption Squad knelt down, picked up the box and secured it to his belt.

    The Terminators were firing their combi-bolters as they continued to advance on the warbikers but all the smoke the bikes were belching was providing the Orks with dense cover and few of the Gorgon’s shots found their mark. The warbikers fire never slackened on the Gorgons and more of the squad fell, leaving but one alive.

    On the right of the room, Vengeance Squad continued to advance and the Cultist were behind them. They continued to fire upon the Flashgitz as they prepared to charge the Orks to root them from their cover. Warforce again opened himself to the warp and blessed the Cultists with invisibility. Cultists were insane enough to charge headlong into Orks, at least now they stood a chance, albeit slim. That’s just what the Cultists did, they charged into the Orks behind the Chaos Marines. The Orks were overwhelmed and between the efficiency of the Chaos Marines and the sheer number of Cultists who were blessed by the warp, the Flashgitz quickly fell.

    Luck was not with the remaining Gorgon. The Ork warbikers raced around the cover of pipes the lone Terminator was sheltering behind and slammed into him. Without the clouds of smoke obscuring the bikers, it was plain to see that these Orks were Nobz. The Nobz laid low the last Gorgon. Before the Nobz could race off again though, Warforce and Redemption Squad began to charge at the Nobz. Casting on the run, Warforce blessed himself and his squad with invisibility.

    Warforce noticed a Warboss with the Nobz and fought his way through the melee to reach the huge brute of an Ork. Before the Warboss could react, Warforce swung his force sword and slice opened the Warboss from collar-bone to waist. Such a wound would prove fatal to most opponents but Orks, especially one as large as a Warboss, could shrug of such a wound. The wound, however, was not intended in itself to kill the Warboss but to shed its blood to allow for the true intent. With a thought, Warforce brought his force sword to life and drained the Warboss of his vitality, killing him instantly.

    The remainder of Vengeance Squad and the Cultists joined the combat, trying to drag down the Nob bikers. A few moments later more Nobz arrived, these encased in mega-armor and led by another Warboss. The fresh group of Nobz made short work of the Cultists and the Nob bikers killed off the rest of the Chaos Marines, leaving Warforce to fight alone. Fighting with abandon, Warforce carved through the rest of the bikers but while he was engaged in combat the Meganobz snatched the shimmering box dropped by the Chaos Marine who carried it prior to his death. With the box in hand, the Meganobz and Warboss retreated, leaving the Painboy to fight Warforce on his own.

    As the Painboy finally succumbed to death by the wounds inflicted by Warforce, the storage room was silent. The loud thundering steps of the Meganobz could not be heard. They had snatched their prize and were long gone. Nothing remained of the strike force. Warforce was the only one left alive and despite wanting to retrieve the shimmering box, he knew he had to return to Forlorn and inform the warband of the danger.

    Disciples of Twilight

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    10 years ago

    Wow. Your game was much closer than mine. I ended my game up 8 models as I only lost 2 Hounds during the game and handily tabled my Tau opponent. Close quarter engagements=Tau aren’t happy. :P

    10 years ago

    Sounds like a great game, and an excellent showing for your sorcerer. It’s always extra fun when a game can add to the background of your army!