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Crusade of Fire: Swift Strike – Chaos Marines Player Fiction

    Chaos Lord Soulgore saw the Dark Eldar arrayed before him. Most were using their fast transports, Raiders. He knew it would be no easy battle as few armies could match his forces speed yet these Dark Eldar were one of those who could. Soulgore’s plan was to hold back with a large contingent of reserves to minimize losses early and to later sweep in to secure the field behind his lead force. His plan quickly became their downfall.

    The initial barrage from the Dark Eldar vaporized most of the Chaos Bikers on the left flank of the Chaos force, who in the face of overwhelming fire power opted to retreat. The units that remained advanced forward. Soulgore led his Spawn unit over the hill before him and charged into one of the Raiders. The Spawn quickly tore apart the fragile vehicle and the Grotesques bailed out on the back side.

    The Dark Eldar continued to advance on the Disciples of Twilight, thinning the ranks with their poisoned shots. Soulgore’s Spawn were pounded by fire before being charged by the Grotesques and their leader. As the Spawn took hit after hit from the Grotesques, Soulgore leapt to meet the charge of their leader. She was the faster of the combatants but her blows were deflected by his sigil of corruption’s energy field. His daemon weapon hungered for blood and Soulgore’s retaliation cut her down. As she fell Soulgore felt a familiar sensation. “Why…” was all he muttered before he mutated into a Spawn.

    With the lead force of the Disciples of Twilight about to fold and give up the center of the field, the rest of the army shifted to try to destroy more of the Raiders and slow the advance of the Dark Eldar onto their position. Raiders exploded and the units within jumped to safety. One of the Venom’s explosion was so great that none of the occupants survived.

    The Dark Eldar mobility was crippled but most of the reserves of the Chaos force had not arrived yet, leaving a minimal force barely holding their deployment zone. The Rhinos of the Chaos Marines took hit after hit and succumbed to destruction. As those Marines stepped from their vehicles they were met by Wracks and Incubi.

    The haphazard arrival of the Disciple’s reserves was their downfall. As units arrived they were met by the Dark Eldar. A Heldrake flew in and rained destruction upon the Dark Eldar, destroying any unit of theirs seeking to hold battlefield objectives, yet it was too late and not enough. The field belonged to the Dark Eldar and the Disciples of Twilight’s position upon Veth was lost.

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    11 years ago

    I just couldn’t believe the luck of “Soulgore” rolling a spawn again two weeks later. That was a pretty big deal at that time

    11 years ago
    Reply to  BenitoSenence

    Maybe you should rename him “Spawngore.” Perhaps he is resurrected into a new body after each transmutation and the spawn he leads into battle are his own previous husks.

    I’ve had similar experience with the DE when I’ve faced them in 5th. I haven’t had the pleasure in 6th. I know they punish the general who doesn’t wield them well but despite their weaknesses they are so good at what they do well that they’ll tear apart an opponent who doesn’t know what to expect.

    11 years ago

    Maybe if he runs with the bikers he won’t be so prone to spawnhood. lol

    11 years ago

    I think he’s actually a spawn who gets gifted from time to time to be a Chaos Lord…nice BatRep.