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Crusade of Fire: Hive City Purge – Chaos Player Fiction

    The Sisters of Battle had made it into the hive city. With Imperial forces surrounding the hive city it was only a matter of time. Soulgore knew the Sisters had to be pushed out before they could secure their position within the hive city. He was thankful the Chaos gods had returned him to his human form so that he could continue this war. That short time with the mind and body of a Spawn was enough for him and it was an experience he hoped to never repeat.

    Gathering his force, Soulgore set out for the lower levels of the city, the underhive, where the Sisters of Battle were last reported. They had claimed the northwestern quadrant of the sixth level, an area strewn with habs blocks for the workers of the manufactorums in the eastern quadrant of the level.

    The Disciples of Twilight approached the entrenched Sisters of Battle from the southeast, using the wall separating the hab blocks from the manufactorums to cover their approach. Soulgore once again led his unit of Spawn, advancing from the southeast along with a Maulerfiend and trailed by a Rhino of Chaos Marines. Swinging around towards the northeast, to enter through another gate, were Bikers being trailed by another Rhino of Chaos Marines. Soulgore wanted to hammer into the Sisters on two fronts to completely tie-up their front lines.

    As Soulgore and his Spawn reached the central area of the hive level he was ambushed by a Sister of Battle all on her own. A Repressor had emptied out and Sisters fired their bolters upon the Spawn as the lone Sister came at them. Soulgore smiled under his helmet as he realized who dared advance upon him. It was Celestine herself.

    Celestine charged into the Spawn. A few of her swings struck home but the Spawn were resilient if nothing else and held their ground. Soulgore stepped up and unleashed a barrage of attacks. Such was his fury that Celestine only managed to evade a few of his attacks as she was struck down.

    In the northeast the Bikers had made it to the gate to find a Repressor blocking it. They leveled their meltaguns and fired upon the tank. The Bikers continued their advance after firing and planted krak grenades and a meltabomb upon the chassis. A moment later the vehicle exploded in a shower of flaming debris.

    Just west of where Soulgore was dueling with Celestine, the Maulerfiend charged north up a rubble filled street and latched onto an empty Repressor tank. It’s fists pounded upon the hull of the vehicle and cracked it upon. With a roar the Maulerfiend threw the tank off the street to continue its rampage.

    Soulgore resumed his advance, the body of Celestine left behind, when the Heldrake swept in and scoured a building with baleflamer, leaving only a few Sisters alive. The Bikers pushed through the northeastern gate still trailed by the Rhino of Marines.

    Hearing a defiant yell Soulgore turned around to see Celestine was back on her feet and once again charging into the Spawn. Again he left her in a heap on the street and returned his attention to the Sisters who remained alive after the Heldrake’s torrent of flame. He charged into the building they sheltered in and quickly dispatched them.

    The Maulerfiend leapt onto an Exorcist, and like the previous tank to get in its way, it was cast aside as it continued up the street looking for more victims. Obliterators had deep struck west of the Maulerfiend to unleash a volley of fire upon a unit of Sisters on the upper levels of a ruined building. The northeast advance of Bikers and Marines converged upon the building the Obliterators were firing upon and lent bolter, melta and plasma to the suppression fire.

    At the very northwestern section of the city an icarus lascannon fired a bright beam, striking the Heldrake and sending it to the ground to crash through buildings. A Repressor transport came in from the west. The Dominion squad disembarked and fired upon the Obliterators. With the supporting fire of the remaining Sisters in the building the Obliterators had targeted previously, the squad of Obliterators were destroyed under the volume of fire.

    The Sisters had finally struck a well placed blow but their numbers were too small to hold up against the almost fully intact Disciples of Twilight. The Dominion squad was destroyed by the Chaos Marines who had followed the Maulerfiend and in doing so secured the west of the city. The Spawn led by Soulgore rove the city to purge it of the remains of Sisters’ squads that were looking to fallback, catching them and preventing their escape.

    Victory was theirs. The Disciples of Twilight had destroyed most of the Sisters of Battle who had made it into the city. Some had escaped but they were too weakened to consider another attempt at capturing the city any time soon.

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    Khorne Inquisitor
    Khorne Inquisitor
    11 years ago

    What stratagems did you end up taking? I assume the deep strike stratagem as the Oblits deep struck.