Psychotroke Grenades: Don’t Believe the Hype

Psychotroke GrenadesThere is a lot of hype going on the internetz about Psychotroke Grenades. They’re broken…. blah blah.

One of my readers (Glamour Horse) asks Should I take Psy Grenades Stealthy? I hear this question a lot. Listen up Glamour Horse you flashy four legged beast Stealthy is going to set the story straight. You do not want to take something that works out for you 1 in 3 times then sure. I take them just so I can roll on a chart!

Lets review what they do

Roll a dice and get a result.
1 Nothing. Hah you just wasted your points and slowed down the game for no reason.

2. The enemy only gets one attack. Ok you will probably be dead before you attack and if you did survive you only need to do one wound to me because DCA are T3 glass cannons. So once again nothing hah!

3. Re-roll hits. oh wouldn’t it be cool if I rolled a 3. Glamour you are never going to roll a three. Your life could depend on it and you drop the die and boom its a 2. Then your dead in the middle of you FLGS. You would would feel like a real dirt bag for just dying in the middle of a game. Sportsman ship score 0 for you dead beat.

4. Your enemy will be LD 2. Hmm about as useful as result 2.

5. Your enemy will be I 1. How the crap do they keep writing result 2 in new ways. Maybe this is really result 1, oh these grenades are so crazy I cant even tell. Worthless garbage.

6. Your enemy must make an initiative test for every model in the unit. Any models that fails will strike there own unit. Thats cool I hope I get a 6.

Now to get these grenades you have to burn an Hq or an Elite slot. I will go over the choices in a later article. Just know Psychotroke Grenades are way over rated but you do get to roll on a chart!

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  • Harley

    Actually, Psychotroke grenades are great, and here is why. I run a Greyknight Grandmaster with Psytroke, Blind, and Rad grenades as well as an Empyrean Brain Mine. He joins a unit of 8 DCA (Lances and Mauls) and 4 Crusaders (Axes). These guys run up the board on foot behind a wall of Chimeras. Sure, you’re thinking, they will just get shot to crap by small arms fire. This is true, however, a. the Chimeras generally block line of sight, protecting them, and b. My opponent is busy shooting at the Chimeras, Dreadknight, Psyflemen or whatever else I have on the board. Out of scores of games, this unit has never been completely wiped out. Why take them? Because they are the perfect answer against Biker Nobs, Meganobs, Terminators, Thunderwolf Cavalry, Daemonprinces, Wraiths and Destroyer Lords and pretty much any other Deathstar the enemy can send at you. You however do not want to waste them charging Tactical Marines.

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