Rok Da Vote: 6th Edition Eldar (Closed)

Eldar Codex - 6th EditionThe votes are barely trickling in so it’s time to tally some results. I was really thinking this poll would get a huge response, like the Tau did, but what can you do?

I asked what you all thought of the 6th edition Eldar codex, as I have been doing for every codex that comes out, and here’s where things stand.

[poll id=”32″]

The top vote at 51% were those who feel it’s a good solid codex. Pretty much on par with most of the previous new codices for this vote. I can’t argue against it being a good solid codex but my vote was elsewhere.

Next up were 30% who said it’s kick-ass. That’s a positive response of 81%, the highest of any codex yet that I’ve polled. Eldar players waited a long time for something viable and there’s no arguing they finally got that. No doubt a lot of people who considered Eldar in the past used this as the time to finally jump in and I can’t blame them.

Now there were 11% who said it’s a bit over-the-top and I am one of them. I don’t feel there’s one thing that pushes the codex into extremes. I think it’s the culmination of all the little things and when rolled into the codex together it just pushes the Eldar into extremes. It’s almost like they figured to make up for the previous one they would make it arguably the best codex to date.

I know at my FLGS we had weeks of six players showing up with Eldar and the crowd got tired of it quickly so now only one or two show up with them. At least locally, they’ve taken on that stigma that Necrons have of just being cheesy and no fun to face off against. It’s too bad though. Like Necrons, there are builds that aren’t crazy and are fun to play against but once you have that stigma attached to an army you just can’t shake it.

The final votes were 6% thinking it’s OK and then 1% for better than the last but still not good and also 1% thinking it sucks.

A reasonable voting turnout but not amazing. However, those who did vote seem to look favorably on the new Eldar codex and all things considered, I don’t blame them.

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