Rok Da Vote: Grey Knights Poll is Closed

Grey KnightsI’m happy to say there was an impressive amount of votes on this latest poll. Well, impressive for my blog anyway. The question posed was what people thought of the upcoming, at the time, Grey Knights. Here’s the results:

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The leader was that people thought they’d be a balanced army, myself among them. I really think that overall GW has done a great job with codex balancing. Sure, some codices are stronger than others but overall those released in 5th are relatively equal, at least in my view.

Second up was people deciding to reserve judgement until they were out, which is a fair approach. There’s always the doom and gloom that precedes a codex release and you just can’t get caught up in it. You never can be sure exactly how things will pan out until things are released and you have some games under you belt.

Speaking of, right behind the 2nd highest response was the feeling they would be overpowered. Early rumors had Grey Knights as nigh-unstoppable but things quelled down a bit later on. They are what they are though, an exceptionally elite army. Whether that constitutes overpowered is a matter of opinion.

Then we have those who just don’t care. Imperium hating Xenos players maybe, or just players who grow tired of the same old rhetoric?

Finally we have those who thought they’d be under-powered or over-priced. No doubt they were before this newest codex but, with a few exceptions based on your opinion, the codices that have come out the past few years have done well to balance effectiveness and cost. The balance hasn’t always been perfect but I didn’t think there was any way Grey Knights were going to come into 5th without a good balance of power and price.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, I love the knee-jerk reactions people have about a new codex being broken. Dark Eldar were labeled the same, and Blood Angels before them. There are plenty of BA players, but really, how many people play DE? I think there were like 10 DE players at Adepticon.

    People just see something in a vacuum with no playtest or anything, and call it game-breaking. I had someone call Karamazov broken the other day at my LGS. Seriously… the guy even won the game against him, and yet called him broken? lol. I love people.

    • Agreed. People simply hate change.

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