Rok Da Vote: New Tau Codex (Closed)

Tau CodexTime to shut down this poll and check out the results for the latest Tau codex. This one ran longer than I normally run a poll for but almost all the votes were done in the normal time period, so the results shouldn’t be too skewed compared to previous polls.

Lots of votes on this one. The only polls I’ve done here that have received more votes were 40K 6th Edition polls, prior to its release and shortly after. So, I’d say Tau have a loyal base of followers, or haters as the case may be. Speaking of, results!

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The top vote by a landslide, with 48% of the vote, are those who feel it’s a good solid codex. I can’t argue that. I have not had the chance to play them a ton yet but from the games I have played, and in talking with the Tau players, it’s a real grounded codex. Some of the more crazy combos are point heavy, as they should be, while core of the units are point-efficient.

The second top vote was those that think it kicks ass, with 23% of the vote. That makes this codex the highest ranking one since I’ve been doing these polls with 71% of the voters looking favorably on the codex; damn impressive. I’m sure if I were a prior Tau player then I’d agree with this sentiment. There’s definitely appeal for the newer players too, not just the vets, and so I can understand the excitement.

These next answers were such a small margin that I’m just going to blow through them. There’s 11% who think the codex is alright, 8% who think its’ better than before but not good, another 8% who think it’s over-the-top and 2% who think it sucks. Not much of a reason to linger on these votes other than to say that only 10% had a real negative vote regarding the new Tau codex while 19% had “meh” feelings about it. Again, by far the best rated codex from polling on this site.

  • Although I don’t play Tau they are an army I’ve always wanted to see do well. After reading through the codex I think Tau players have a lot to be happy about. It looks to me like there are some solid options that could be a lot of fun to play. The Tau should be able to win plenty of games but they’re not so powerful that people will accuse you of cheese just for fielding them.

    I hope the Eldar codex comes out as well as this one.

  • Amberclad

    I am happy and dissapointed at the same time. Tau can definitely compete now which is great but the book still has some in-built deficiencies that bug me. There is no way to move things around the FOC, so it will always be fire warriors or kroot for troops. Fire warriors got better but i would have liked to see options for them. I think the special weapons that are available to pathfinders would have served a lot better in fire warriors hands. kroot are supposed to be the close combat specialists that complement the tau empire so well, but they went in the total opposite direction in making them just another shooting unit that they really didn’t need. Those gripes are fairly minor and overall I think the Tau empire is one of the best internally balanced books out there and I’m glad there is no auto-include unit which leads to a bunch of varied lists that can still work well.

    • Understandable. I have some minor gripes like that with Chaos but overall it’s a solid codex.

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