Rok Da Vote: New Tau Codex

Tau CodexGames Workshop is cranking out the 6th edition codices and Tau has definitely been one many players were anxious for. As always I like to get a feel for initial impressions of a codex and then later on re-poll once the dust has settled. Considering how popular Tau are, I’m really hoping to get a lot of votes for this one. Don’t let me down ;)

Anyway, vote away on what you think of the new Tau codex.

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I have not had the chance to play against it yet but I know the local Tau players are very happy. I’m certainly interested to see how my Chaos Marines will hold up against Tau now and I get the felling it won’t go well for me at all.

  • Judge Dredd

    Love this Tau codex. Fingers crossed that GW doesn’t errata it to death.

    • I doubt it. So far with the 6th codices it’s mostly been FAQ items, which is nice.

  • Gareth Newton-Williams

    This is the first codex I’ve bought on the iPad. I’ve played Tau since I bought the limited edition Ethereal in 2001 so I was always going to buy the third sphere expansion.

    I’m really pleased I did. The new format works really well. The indexing is well done and means there’s a lot less skipping about between pages. It’s a shame it only works on the iPad as the only thing that goes more places than my iPad is my iPhone…

    In terms of content, I like the new army. Some old classics, like burst cannon and piranhas, have got better. The introduction of overcharging and nova charging adds some interest and risk management to an otherwise clinical firepower superiority army.

    I’ve picked up one of the new Riptide suits and I’m curious to see how good they are once they’ve been through a few months of play testing in the hands of Joe Public.

    • I really wish GW would also push out a plain PDF format for other devices. I understand why they’re doing it the way they are but there’s no reason they can’t also do a trimmed down version too.

      From what I’ve heard it would seem Tau got a big boost. I’m admittedly concerned that the boost may be a tad too much but time will tell.

  • From what little I’ve heard Tau got even shootier. EVEN SHOOTIER. As in, pretty nigh impossible to get close to. But i’m just going on the chit-chat.
    I’m crossing my fingers for the Eldar codex but something tells me that while everyone else is getting this huge power boost, Eldar won’t change much. (But maybe I’m just a pessimist?)

    • They did but, from what I’ve seen, it’s not really straight up shootier. Meaning, things like characters, upgrade Sarge types, etc. Overall things got cleaned up: options, costs, etc, and that certainly aided them as well. There are some disgusting combos now and I dare say some that are pretty cheesy.

      Eldar I’m interested in seeing what they do. They’ve been one of those armies that have always interested me and I’ve toyed with the idea of starting them for years. Of course with the “current” codex I can’t justify starting them to only be aggravated. I did that with Chaos, prior codex, and one army is enough for that road.

  • shadowx

    GhtThe codex is better than the last one but it still lacks in a lot of areas. the old codec had 1 or 2 ways for your army to be competitive and so far with what I tested this codex is almost the same. this codex tries to enforce the use of tau gunline with the ethereal being the main part of that. you can use the firecadre also for a little more shooting, but if you read the codex carefully all the batlesuits were slightly merged, specially the broadsides. the tau went from being tank busters to super medium range shooty ( over 40 shots with a fire warrior squad within 15 inches if you do it right) I was excited for the missle pod drones, but after I read the errata they already got nerfed …. so the biggest uses I see for batlesuits are as anti deepstrike maybe somewhat anti air, but pretty much doing old codex roles. Again I think codex is better with more options but it was a big change from what they used to be able to do, plus they all shoot like if, hint hint, those marker lights are needed. Anyway that’s that, I still going to use the tau, they were my first army. oh btw riptide is good, tested it out and yes it is quite hard to get and an assault against gunline tau, very hard, the new special rule.

    • Basically what I’ve been hearing, what you said. I also think the gun-line is the obvious choice for Tau but that over time some other builds will come out. Typically how it goes with new codices, people latch onto the obvious and then begin finding their own path.

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