Tau Fandex Special Rule Advanced Power Management

Tau FandexContinuing on with Stealthy’s Tau Fandex I have come up with my first special rule.

Advanced Power Management: Units with this special rule begin their turn with 3 power points. During their turn the unit uses these power points to complete respective actions during the phase they are in. Example if you want to move you would use one power point.

Power points can also be spent to complete an extra action in its respective phase. Example you have a unit that moves six inches. This costs one power point. You could move an extra 6 inches by spending another power point.

Power points can be used to fire weapons. When doing this the standard weapon profile is used for each power point spent.

Power points spent in the assault phase can be used to move if the unit is capable of moving during the assault phase, extra attacks by adding unmodified attack stat per point spent and raising toughness by one per point spent.

The image that I am trying to build here is of an advanced society that is capable of manipulating its resources to gain a tactical edge.

This rule will take some play testing to get right and several rewrites will be needed.

  • Amberclad87

    Tau should have hit and run USR on everybody. 

  • stealthystealth

    I have been thinking about that. However they have a pretty terrible initiative so I do not know if it would help. 

  • So would these power points allow two shots in the shooting phase? Just
    curious as Tau are primarily a shooting army and if they arent moving or
    assaulting 3 shots per unit/model due to this may be a bit too powerful.


    I would recommend 1 power point to shoot, 1 power point to twin link (or if
    already twinlinked +1Bs), third power point cannot be spent in Shooting phase,
    or a max 2 power points per phase. 

  • So which units will have this special rule? I think it’s a cool idea but if done to most of the army then I also see it becoming cumbersome.

    • stealthystealth

      What Bill suggested and I agree with is only letting models that access to the armory could take this upgrade. 

      In the game against Hippie my HQ squad and vehicles had it. Everything was pretty balanced and quick enough. I mean we came out at a draw and Hippie lost his Blood Crushers to deep strike mishap.
      It was really cool when the HQ squad opened fire. 3 suits firing 3 times in rapid fire range was sick. Also a Hammer Head that could fire 3 times was worth its points.

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