Tau Fandex Troops

Tau FandexStill plugging away at the Tau fandex, in this section I will cover Troops.

First the lowly Fire Warrior, backbone of the Tau.

Fire Warrior WS 2 BS 3 S 3 T 3 I 2 A1 W 1 Ld7 4+ Save Unit Size 8-12. 10 points each

One can be upgraded to team leader for 5 points. Team Leader has access to war gear.

WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 3 I 2 A 2 W 1 Ld8 4+ Save

Pulse Rifle S 5 Ap 5 Range 30 Heavy 2 / Rapid Fire

Pulse Carbine  S 5 Ap 5 Range 18 Assault 1 Pinning  can use strength of gun in assault and counts as  extra close combat weapon.

Can take a Devilfish for 80 points.

AV 12/12/10 Burst Cannon and 2 gun drones. Skimmer

Devilfish upgrades

Advanced Power Management 5 points

Disruption Pod 5 points 5+ Invulnerable

Decoy Launchers 5 points. Use once to move a penetrating hit to glancing. ???Time declared???

Flechette Charges 10 points. Move vehicle out of assault range by one inch, one time use.

Target Locks 5 points. Target Multiple Units.

Sensory Spines 10 points. Ignore Terrain effects.

May pick one of the following.

Sky Ray Missile defense system 30 points. Turret mounted system comes with 6 seeker missiles and 2 hardwired marker lights.

Command Relay 20 points. Allows all units within 12 inches to use Vehicles leadership value. If Devilfish is occupied by a Etheral the stubborn USR is also given to all units with in 12 inches.

This is the start of the troop section. I am obviously playing around with the Devilfish. The idea is to make it more versatile and hearty.




  • I like the idea of upgrading the Devilfish to a mobile support platform.  It’s similar to the Rhino or Razorback option available to loyalist marine lists.  Essentially pulling a heavy support option into troops is pretty powerful though since it frees up space to bring another Hammerhead or Broadsides without giving up the Skyray.  I would consider reducing the transport capacity to six when taking this upgrade, and possibly have it replace the other weapon systems entirely.  The reduced armor and weapon systems would account for the the Devil-Ray being able to transport six while the Skyray has no transport capacity.

  • stealthystealth

    I actually moved the minimum Fire Warrior squad up to keep players from spamming Devilfish Sky-rays. 

    • But they are only 10pts a piece. You can get a unit for 80pts and then the Devilfish for 80pts + wargear. Assuming someone wants to MSU spam for fire power effectiveness then they’d do:

      Firewarriors x 8 = 80pts
      Devilfish w/sky ray missile system = 110pts
      Total = 190pts

      Then take 5-6 of those. Six of them only runs you 1,140pts. The Marine equivalent (Marines x 5 w/Razorback + plas/las), runs ~165pts (variation for flavor of Marine). Granted, they are Marines and all that encompasses, but they are 3 bodies shy per-unit by comparision and using an AV11 vehicle.

      The unit size is a good step but I also think the sky ray system needs a price increase. The way it tends to work where you can strap a big gun on a transport vehicle in general is the big gun runs you substantially, IE: las/plas or TL-las on a Razorback is 35pts where the Razorback is 40pts, so it’s now 75pts. This tends to be GW’s design mantra and you’ll see it elsewhere, not just Marines. Look at Ork Looted Wagons and Battlewagons.

  • Amberclad87

    The devil ray needs to be more expensive. If I can pump out 36 str 8 missiles in one turn with just my troops, I’ll spam that all day. And in flluff wise, the missile system should take up some transport capacity. Maybe you could only fit 8 in there if you take it.

    I think fire warriors should be initiative 3 and have hit and run USR. We all know that the tau are not CC specialists and that is represented by their WS. I at least picture tau being faster than an ork. And this would give them a 50/50 chance to get the hell out of harms way and would fit perfectly with their fluff. Hit and run tactics is the basis of tau strategy.

    I can’t see the pulse carbine being used in CC either. Nobody else in that game shoots their guns in CC and this would stir a huge debate. I would change pulse carbines to assault 2, that causes pinning on a -1 to the test. 

    • stealthystealth

       Right but currently you have to hit with marker lights and each marker light counts as one missile. So you have to hit at BS 3 no way to up it to 4. Then you have to expend each marker light hit to fire one missile. Then you have to roll a 2 or higher to hit with the missile. Then wound. So…. Also you have to sit still. There is no fire as fast. There is no BS4. It may be under price 10-20 points but not OMG.

  • Andy Taylor

    As I sometimes roll an Ion-Head in my list I recently did the no-brainer of buying the newly pdf’d forgeworld TL-plasma turret. Whilst painting it I looked at the Devilfish sitting on my painting table and came to the conclusion that forgeworld totally missed a selling opportunity, in that I would buy all of their turret variants if I could pop them on my fish instead of on my hammerheads. Fluff wise it seems reasonable too; they say that hammerheads don’t have a transport capacity as all the space is taken up by the power supply for the big gun on top, but at the very least that wouldn’t be necessary for the long barrelled burst cannon or the missile pod turrets. Personally I’d say the same is true for the fusion and plasma options – if a suit can pack plasma/fusion without needing an oversized internal power supply then a fish could too – but I can see how some might argue against that.

    I really do think that the fish needs a more proactive battlefield role, it seems like they currently add nothing other than providing an expensive box for firewarriors to cower inside. I want to feel confident in pushing forward with it to try to grab forward objectives rather than just holding it back in home base sitting on my own.

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