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February 2010


A Guide to Playing 40K Faster

As someone who plays some very quick games and some very long ones, I wanted to share some things I’ve learned during my years of playing 40K that help speed up a game. Newer players will most likely find this more useful than the vets out there but hopefully there’s…Read More

Battle Missions

Battle Missions is Almost Here

March will see the release of the latest 40K expansion, Battle Missions. Bell of Lost Souls posted up a video sneak peak a few weeks ago that you can see over at the BoLS site. I can’t wait for this honestly. The price is good, the quality looks good and…Read More

Yep, a New Theme

It was about time for a new look here. The theme I was using before I had built off of an existing theme. Since I was just getting familiar with WordPress I kept it simple. Many months later and having played around a lot with it, I’ve grabbed this great…Read More

Necrons: Army Roster

HQ Necron Lord Elite Immortals x 8 Troops Warriors x 13 Warriors x 10 Fast Attack Scarabs x 9 Destroyers x 4 Heavy Support Heavy Destroyer x 1 Tomb Spyder x 1


March’s Tournament – Team Play (Retake)

On second thought, my often neglected Necrons will see the field in this team tournament. Nobody fields Necrons in the tournaments I’ve attended or on the regular Wednesday night 40K nights. I only know of one other person with Necrons and I know he won’t be fielding them. I figure…Read More


March’s Tournament – Team Play

So next month at Crossroads we’ll be doing a team tournament with a random partner. Each person will bring a 1,000 point list using normal force organization, though we’re debating using Adapticon’s approach with a restricted force org chart, which I’m all for. Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout for…Read More