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Battle of Inimicorum: Prologue – 40K Player Fiction

    Librarian Legatus knocked on the chamber door of Captain Faber.

    “Enter,” came the reply.

    The door quietly slid open and Legatus walked in. Captain Faber was sitting at his modest desk in the corner of his room going over what appeared to be reports of some type.

    “Legatus, what can I do for you?” asked Faber as he set down his reports to give his full attention to the Librarian. Orien Legatus has been Faber’s Librarian for a century and a half, having joined the first company just after Faber’s promotion to captain, and the two shared a camaraderie that can only be forged through years of fighting beside one another.

    “Captain, I was just consulting the imperial tarot and the reading was unlike any other I have done. The reading spoke of an unavoidable battle bringing death from the far reaches of the galaxy to converge upon a single planet. I do not believe the planet to be an Imperial one, surely the cards would have indicated such if it were. I believe the planet to be near however. I have noticed, as have the Astropaths especially, an enormous psychic backlash of sorts radiating in the vicinity. It’s hard to explain but it’s like there’s a large presence of psychic energy gathered in one place.”

    Resting his hand on his chin, Faber replied, “What do you suspect is the reason for this psychic backlash?”

    “Considering the reading I would have say that enemies psychically capable are massed on a planet where this unavoidable battle is to take place, possibly taking place already. The scale would have to be overwhelming for that energy to reach such distances without intentional projection, which it does not seem to be. It’s more like a psychic aura that’s radiating and I believe it to be the star system designated I-42357.”

    “That system is just a few days away from our present location,” responded Faber as he appeared to be considering something. “Unavoidable you said. Given that we could wait and see what draws us into this conflict or choose to enter it on our terms then I say we choose our terms. Instruct Chaplain Murdacus to assemble everyone at the cathedral for prayer. I have the feeling we will need the Emperor’s guidance more than ever in this coming battle.”

    With that Librarian Legatus bowed and exited the chambers.

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