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Battle of Inimicorum: Chapter 1 – Trying to Get a Foothold

    Captain Valerian Faber knew they were approaching the enemy’s position, a large war host of Eldar. He commanded the vehicles to fall into a spearhead formation and the Scouts and Devastators to take up a covering fire position in a small wooded area on their flank. The enemy was almost in sight and they would be ready to push aside the xenos threat that was determined to stop them from progressing further.

    “We have range, Captain,” said the gunner of his Razorback.

    Nodding, Captain Faber responded, “You have permission to fire brother.”

    Taking the lead from their captain’s Razorback as its heavy bolters roared to life, the other tanks in the formation opened fire. The Devastators began raining down frag rounds into the enormous mass of Eldar that had formed a wall which stretched so wide that the tanks would have to try and drive through instead of around. The Fate’s Angels shots were true and the Eldar began taking casualties but it was like swatting at mosquitos on their home-world Vontulus.

    Brother Ultan’s drop pod slammed down behind enemy lines. As soon as it landed the large door lowered and Ultan’s dreadnought form clambered down the ramp and his heavy flame sprang to life. A throng of Eldar were set ablaze before they realized the threat that was behind them. However, Ultan’s arrival was not missed by all, especially the Avatar of Khaine that was among the back lines of the war host. The Avatar raised its spear and with a strength that rivaled that of the primarchs it threw it. To the horror of those Fate’s Angels who could see the combat on the Eldar flank, Ultan’s dreadnought form began to smoke, small fires breaking out from under his torso’s armored covering, and he fell.

    Meanwhile the tanks of Fate’s Angels continued their advance as the Eldar moved forward to meet them mid-field. Bolter rounds, sniper shots and missiles sped towards their targets and most found their mark but the tide of the Eldar still continued on their march. A Land Speeder Storm raced up to join the armored spearhead but was quickly dispatched despite being all but impossible to shoot down at the speed in which it was flying. Then suddenly Captain Faber’s Razorback shuddered and ground to a halt. Knowing to stay within was certain death, Faber ordered his Command squad to disembark and make ready to meet their threat.

    The Eldar, driven by the presence of their god’s incarnation amongst them, kept up their unfaltering advance. The Marines held their ground well, a few had fallen but the Emperor’s blessing seemed to be upon them. However, they just could not make a hole in the enemy’s lines no matter how much fire power they leveled their way. A Vindicator was removing chunks and chunks of Eldar with each shot but it just wasn’t enough.

    The 2nd Tactical squad’s drop pod landed to the west of the main force. Once they had the immediate area secured the 6th Veteran squad teleported down in tactical dreadnought armor. If they could secure the west and weaken the forces holding it then the armored assault could redeploy to take advantage of the weakness. The Eldar poured fire at those Fate’s Angels attempting to breech their western flank and held them at bay. The advance could not be made despite their best efforts.

    Captain Faber was holding his ground with his Command squad when the Avatar charged its way forward, aiming right for them. Seeing this the Command squad formed around their captain ready to defend him at any cost. That cost came swiftly as the Avatar swung its flaming sword and dispatched the entire Command squad. Flaming and molten gouges were rent into the armor of the Command squad as they tried to defend against the mighty beast but the Avatar could not be stopped. With a defiant yell Faber held his ground and scored a wound on the being of molten ore but his attack left him vulnerable and he was struck in turn. The Avatar quickly followed up with another attack and this time Faber was sent reeling from the blows, he was down.

    As the fight went on the Eldar were being thinned down but so too were the Fate’s Angels. At this point the Marines went from trying to move through the xenos to simply holding ground. The cunning xenos had sent a flanking party that was aiming to remove the heavy weapons and sniper team set up to give cover fire for the Marines. Before those Marines could adjust their aim to the imminent threat the fast moving Eldar were upon them. The Devastator Marines stepped up to meet the charge. Even with the odds of six to one heavily against them, the brave Astartes held firm and did not give an inch of ground. The Scout’s sergeant charged into the massive melee to aid his brothers with his initiates behind him. They were able to turn the overwhelming assault into a rout for the Eldar who were cut down as they fled.

    With their flank secure and the flood of Eldar currently stemmed, Sergeant Pontius of the 1st Tactical squad – stepping in for the fallen Captain Faber, called for a full fall back. Devastators and the Scouts gave covering fire as their forward units withdrew. The fight was over for the day. Both armies had sustained significant losses and neither had the manpower left to make a final push to try and break the remains.

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