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Defence of KX-309 – Fate’s Angels 40K Player Fiction

    This was not written by me. It was written by somebody on TO, Wargamer, who wanted to use my chapter in a story he was doing. He wrote this as the prelude to that story, which I’ll also post once he’s finished it.

    KX-309 was an Adeptus Mechanicus research post, focusing on the study of strange, alien devices found on the southern continent. The facility had operated for the best part of two centuries without incident, but the alarm was raised when the colony fell silent for reasons unknown.

    A Hunter-class Frigate of the Supernovas Chapter arrived in orbit, and after a routine scan sent out an immediate call for assistance, priority level Magenta. Captain Tyronis of the 5th Company received the call whilst returning home from a distant theatre of war, and realising the urgency of their plight diverted to the theatre.

    KX-309 proved to be a desolate place. The Supernovan ship, The Interdictor, reported the Battle-squad had already descended to the planet, seeking to rescue the high-ranking Mechanicum adepts within a secured bunker. Tyronis’ forces deployed swiftly, fighting their comrades in flight before a phalanx of Necron warriors. The Fate’s Angels laid down weapons fire, and extracted their allies.

    Returning to their ship, Tyronis beseeched his Librarian to consult the Imperial Tarot. The omens were favourible, and with Sergeant Xeran determined to rescue the Mechanicum Adepts, the Captain formulated a bold plan. The two Astartes vessels subjected the planet to heavy bombardment, focusing on the ruins the Mechanicum were studying. The concentrated fire blasted through many metres of solid rock, and broke open the Necron Tomb beneath. Drop-Pods howled down, landing within the Tomb itself, and the two Chapters began the systematic destruction of the Necron Tomb.

    Though only a handful of Tomb Spyders and Scarab Swarms remained to guard the Tomb, the fight to escape proved far more difficult. Having planted their charges, the Space Marines found the exit blocked by the returning Necrons. Hopelessly outnumbered, the Astartes used the narrow confines of the corridors itself to negate the enemy’s strength of numbers, gunning down enemies only for new ones to resurrect in the central chamber. Fighting from both directions, the Astartes battled onward, with time running out, until at last Tyronis found himself stood in the sunlight once again. Thunderhawks stood ready to extract the Space Marines, and no sooner had they took off did their explosives detonate, consuming the Tomb in a catacylsmic explosion.

    With the Necron threat destroyed, the Mechanicum were able to depart their Bunkers. Although aggrevated at the destruction of their research station, they begrudingly thanked the Astartes and allowed them to depart.

    Though the two vessels left separately, KX-309 would not be the last time Captain Tyronis would fight beside Sergeant Xeran and his Chapter…

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