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Celadon – Battle at the Aqueduct (40K Player Fiction)

    This was written by Wargamer from TO. He’s got my chapter in some of his chapter’s history, this is one of those stories.

    Word of an Ork invasion upon Celadon reached the Supernovas Chapter in the late 41st Millennium. A squad of Space Marines led by Sergeant Xeran, returning from the purging of a Necron Tomb alongside the Fate’s Angels, responded to the calls to aid and made planetfall within the capital city of Ibasta, the Rose City.

    Assessing the theatre, the Supernovas determined the aqueduct to be the weakness in the city’s defence line, and deployed themselves as its guard. The first night saw an attempted infiltration of the city by Ork Kommandos, whose insertion was thwarted with ease. However, the Kommandos succeeded in alerting the rest of the Orks before being crushed, and the green tide descended upon the Space Marines.

    The battle seemed hopelessly one-sided. With the entire city under siege, only a token force could be spared to help the Supernovas. Less than a thousand Guardsmen, and half a dozen Space Marines stood defiant as Orks beyond number smashed against them. In the time before the assault, the Supernovans had erected minefields and gun emplacements, bogging down the Orks with the burning wreaks of their own vehicles and butchering hundreds with co-ordinated artillery strikes.

    For all their efforts, the Orks still came on. Entire tribes were slaughtered, their Warbosses blasted apart and thrown from the ramparts. The water of the aqueduct flowed crimson with spilt Ork blood, yet they seemed oblivious to loss. By contrast, the defenders felt keenly every loss of life, especially when it was one of the Space Marines who fell.

    Just as the Ork force seemed to be breaking, the ground began to shake beneath them. A towering Gargant was approaching at the head of another legion of Orks. Sergeant Xeran desperately ordered Brother Olit to redirect every artillery piece in the city onto the Gargant, but the Imperial guns were mostly smaller, short-ranged pieces – very little could truly threaten the towering monstrocity.

    Though victory seemed certain for the Orks, the Fate’s Angels would ultimately decide the fate of the city. Having arrived in orbit, half a Company of Space Marines deployed ahead of the Gargant, and Captain Tyronis single-handedly boarded the great walker, succeeding in crippling the titanic beast from within. With their Gargant disabled and enemies assaulting from all sides, the Orks were routed.

    The Imperial Guard officers heaped great praises upon Captain Tyronis, but the Captain refused to take full credit. He stated that without the valiant stand of the Supernovas, the City would have fallen long before they joined the fray.

    Of Xeran’s squad, very little survived the conflict. The remaining Supernovas departed the world of Celadon, taking with them a bond of trust and brotherhood with the Fate’s Angels that would not be easily broken. Though it would take several months for the Orks to be completely purged, the Supernovan role in the campaign had ended in triumph.

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