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We have a broad range of editorial articles covering gaming experiences, reviews and straight up opinion pieces on various subjects. Most of the articles here pertain to Warhammer 40K.

Games Workshop

Games Workshop’s New Site: They Never Learn

I’m going to vent a bit here. The new Games Workshop site is up. Yesterday I said I was excited to see what they were doing as I had hopes that they would learn from their mistakes. I was wrong. The new site is a huge damn shopping cart. I…Read More

Crimson Slaughter

Crimson Slaughter: Thoughts & Musings

I wanted to let the dust settle before I tossed up an article on the new Crimson Slaughter supplement for Chaos Marines. Now, I have not read the fluff yet. I don’t actually own the codex yet, though I believe I’ll snag a copy this week. From everything I’ve heard,…Read More

Disciples of Twilight Paint Scheme

Disciples of Twilight: Help with Fluffy Stuff

I have banged my head against a wall on this since I started with my Chaos Marines and began establishing fluff for them. I figured it was time to toss this out to my readers in hopes of getting some feedback and ideas. My Chaos Marines warband is called Disciples…Read More

Terminator Robot

Chaos Warpsmith Experiences

I have managed a handful of games now with the Warpsmith and have had mixed success with the lists utilizing him. The Warpsmith himself has proven useful on multiple occasions. Being able to fix things is always handy. Shattering defenses at the start of the game, when I remember to…Read More


Ramblings: Models with Character

This was spurred by an article of mine showing my WIP Warpsmith. A problem I was having with the model was knowing when to stop, when it was complete. There’s often a fine line between perfection and overdoing it. Well, in response to Dave G. in the comments I was…Read More