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Cars of Course (Gaslands) with Jerry Mandering


    Once cars changed tires, several times, on a regular good drive. But problems would spoil it! They could get stuck. Worse, there were times they fell over. Even much worse was when a head on collision smacked into both cars caught in the same rut and they couldn’t avoid it.

    Still something was needed. It was speed. Yes. A dealer from Indiana realized how excitement was waiting to begin. So he created the Indy 500. His idea was to stage a great race where speed could happen. It was the fun cars were meant to have.

    It sold cars! But it required good roads. No longer was just getting from home to the office a reason for owning cars. Going faster was more than an idea. Also going from your town to the next soon became even more fun by seeing how a drive to the next town’s sights could happen faster than it once was.

    But memories of speed still linger in how our own little cars dashed down specially set up ramps to give us those moments before we would get to really floor the accelerator.

    So a miniature race makes that moment come to life again. Isn’t this what play is about? This is why changing those little cars of remembered days makes them exciting. No one else has one like yours. The inherent motoring fun awakens all those fantasies of things which could get more tickets than any police patrol man ever knew he could issue.

    Further? Think of the charges that would accrue when ramming the guy who cut in front of you. But miniatures don’t take you to court. So there’s a reason to enjoy these little cars.

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    Smashing! It’s a words for what happens when while playing Gaslands and it also makes a concluding, happy remark after hitting one little vehicle into another.

    This is especially true when the other one gets the worst of the impact.
    In a sense, this is a personalized wargame because such things are a consequence free outlet for society’s usual inhibitions. Which means the game may result in becoming a classic. Why? Remember chess. It gave your knight a chance to ride over the other guy’s pawn. Isn’t that like a monster truck squishing someone’s car?

    Both are fun: squishing cars or pawns satisfies those lurking moments which are best played away. It’s entertainment. Speed moves the monster truck and the hostile knight. True, horses don’t have gears but memories of riding them recall how swift those moments were. Yes. Play brings them back, just like bouncing around in an off road jeep happens through the small one on my shelf.

    So more fun comes out of fixing up cars from the bits box on the shelf. Those little cars still cause fantasy to happen again.

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    5 years ago

    Welcome to the team and I’m looking forward to seeing some more Gaslands stuff here.

    Benito Senence
    Benito Senence
    5 years ago

    This game is a blast to play and now when I take my boys to the toy isle we check out the matchbox and hot wheels!

    stats DGDWH
    stats DGDWH
    5 years ago

    I’ve painted a couple of Hot Wheels recently, it has been very funny, glad to see some awesome bad cars.

    Rory (Stepping Between Games)

    That has done more to make me want to play that game than the games I have seen of it.