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Reviews covering things like gaming supplements, books and more.

The Standish Standoff 3

Standish Standoff 2: Kamui’s thoughts

Hello all, If you’ve been reading my posts for the last couple of months you know I’ve been working to pull together an army for the Standish Standoff 2.  Thor did a good job of covering the basics so I won’t re-hash too much of what he covered but it…Read More


Book Review: Rynn’s World

Hey all, Amberclad here again, and today I’m going to try my hand at a book review. Rynn’s world is written by Steve Parker and comes from the “Victories of the Space Marines” series and it features the Crimson Fists chapter. It’s the story of the tragedy that happened on…Read More

Project Wonderful

Review: Project Wonderful

A month ago I began running ads from a service called Project Wonderful. Their site is here. In the past I had tried Google Adsense but I wasn’t happy with the ads that were being delivered to the blog. Adsense is supposed to deliver contextual ads but I rarely found…Read More

Chapters Due

Review: Chapter’s Due by Graham McNeill

I haven’t done one of these for a while but there was something about this book that compelled me to give my humble opinion regarding it. As I’ve said before, I’m no literary savant, just someone who thoroughly enjoys reading. Instead of running through the premiss of Chapter’s Due and…Read More

Nemesis by James Swallow

Book Review: Nemesis by James Swallow

The only prior book to Nemesis that I’ve read by James Swallow was Flight of Eisenstein, in the Horus Heresy series, which I enjoyed. However, I tend to be terrible at remembering each book in a series in detail and exactly what I enjoyed about it, I just recall how…Read More

Kill Team

Kill Team – My First Look

I never got the chance to play Kill Team in 4th, though I was familiar with the rules. So, when Battle Missions came out and I saw Kill Team was in there I was extremely excited to finally get to try it out. Last night I finally got that chance,…Read More