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BP Laser Cut MDF Terrain Review: Multi-use Building

    BP Laser, a Queensland based company, produces high quality, laser cut MDF terrain for use in tabletop wargames and they are serious about the quality of scenery that they sell. Their terrain fits really well with science fiction skirmish games like Infinity.

    It was only recently that I have finally got my hands on a set of scenery and am really impressed with it. My favourite feature of the Multi-Use Building is undeniably the roller doors that actually work!

    The Multi-Use Building makes use of “living hinge” to create the roller doors. This is a first for terrain makers! BP Laser is also the first company to make working extension ladders and extension bridges that actually extend!

    scifi wargame terrain
    bp laser mdf terrain
    building 14 bp laser terraini review

    The terrain was delivered extremely well packed in bubble wrap to avoid damage in transit. The individual scenery pieces, of which there were three, were then wrapped tightly in cling wrap to keep them separate from each other.

    Given the extremely reasonable prices that BP Laser asks for their terrain, it is great that the terrain is so well packaged because you are going to buy a heap of it!

    Assembly instructions are found online and will need to be printed out if you don’t have a computer near where you’re assembling. That would be my only criticism.

    mdf wargame terrain

    Pictured above are a subset of all the components included, highlighting some of the amazing detail that make up the building.

    Assembly is pretty straight forward; MDF is easily stuck together with PVA or White Glue. The tab and slot design of the buildings was a little fiddly for me, but again, straight forward and the instructions are comprehensive and well documented and diagrammed.

    I had intended to do a dry fit to test how the building was constructed. It wasn’t long before I realised the garage door guides needed to be glued to offer the support required to allow the doors to move. Eventually, minimal gluing was required to allow construction to continue.

    infinity miniature terrain

    Shown here are an Infinity Nomad Reverend Moira and a Combined Army Caskuda to give an idea of the terrain’s scale and size.

    The Multi-Use Building is a great piece on interactive scenery, offering entrances at the front roller doors, and also three removable human-sized doors on the back wall and both side walls. The design is also a great line of sight blocker that’s easily big enough to hide even the largest troops or tanks behind.

    The Multi Use Building can be fit out with a large number of accessories allowing the building to be fit out as a garage, a warehouse, a secure facility, a shed; add some containers to it for a loading facility, the possible uses are near unlimited.

    So, the only thing left to do is finish gluing on the accessories and paint, and it’s terrain that’s ready to go for a game of Infinity!

    BP Laser have really produced some amazing products, the Multi Use Building is a great example of what they can do with a laser and some MDF. The assembly is easy, only requiring PVA or white glue and about an hour to complete.

    BP Laser’s full catalogue and range of products can be found on their website, and their Facebook page can be found here.

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    4 years ago

    That’s a cool piece of terrain. I like that the doors function as well. Be a bit pricey to ship to the US, but looks like a great option for you all there.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Adam

    Yeah, you all do get boned a lot on shipping being located where you are.

    4 years ago

    Looks very cool! I must admit, I kind of have doubts about how easy it is to prime and paint without gumming up the moving parts, but other than that, they’re fantastic.

    4 years ago
    Reply to  Adam

    I think I was also thinking more of plastic, since I have something similar in the works that I’m trying to figure out how to not jam up. The way MDF takes primer, it probably works better on this, yeah.