Awaken Necrons

Heading down to Crossroads tonight for the weekly 40K night and I’ll be bringing my Necrons. Lately it’s been slow at the shop on 40K night, last week just I showed up. Fortunately Dave, an employee, plays so we threw down a game. This week is looking scarce again but we have a few new players that are showing up tonight, so this seemed a good time for me to refresh myself on my Necrons. They’ll get to learn 40K against an army that’s easy to learn against, aside from WBB Necron rules are simple, and I get to bring myself up to speed again against an opponent that’s not going to destroy me for being rusty.

I may use tonight’s battle(s) to work my Necron fluff to awaken them again. My only real fluff for them has them going to a tomb for a nap. I was rather annoyed with my Necrons in 5th Edition. However, if I want to use them in the tourney then they must awaken first!

  • Eesh, that was brutal. The new players didn't show but one of the better routine tournament players did so we played. I was aiming for 1,000pt list at most when I built my lists but he wanted to do no less than 1,750, so 1,750 it was. That meant me throwing down everything I owned and using proxies to bulk out some units and toss down a Monolith.

    My experience has always been that if you have to throw down everything you own and then proxy on top of, well things aren't going to go well, and they didn't. Nate is an Ork player with a very competitive list and he just tore through me and got me to phase out. I expected as much, my Necron army is far from competitive, they're still small and lacking a lot. Oh well, it was practice and that's valuable win or lose.

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