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Miniature Tutorials & Guides

We love the wargaming and miniature hobby. Even though many of us play wargames, like Warhammer 40K and Battlefleet Gothic, the hobby element is where we spend most of our time. Some of our authors even have 20+ years experience with the hobby.

Here you will find an assorted list of miniature hobby tutorials. The articles range from creating wargaming terrain, like hills and trees, to doing basing on miniatures, such as realistic earth basing, or creating snow and ice.

You can also find more tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Magnetized Maulerfiend and Forgefiend

Magnetizing a Maulerfiend and Forgefiend is Surprisingly Easy

    I set out to fully magnetize a Maulerfiend/Forgefiend so I could use it as either. It’s not hard to do, but it does require some time and quite a few magnets. However, it’s well worth the effort considering the cost of the model. Here’s a full walkthrough.

    How to Make Your Own Miniature Foam Trays Easily (Tutorial)

      I’ll show you how cheap and easy it is to make your own miniature foam trays for your models so you can transport them safely. I’ve been doing this for years now, and the trays have held up really well. In fact, I haven’t bought any trays since I started doing this.