Necron Strategy/Tactics/My Thoughts Part 2

Necron Command BargeHey all, Lukas here again with the second installment of my Newcron tactics. Since the broad overview was covered in the previous article, I figured I could go into more detail with my preferred units or ones I believe could be good replacements.

In my opinion, there are two major builds you can go after. Either a Stormlord oriented one, where you build your army with more of a focus on midfield damage, things that pack a lot of damage at closer ranges (ghost arks full of warriors, lychguard, all canoptek things) . That way you aren”t disadvantaged by your own darkness, and when you have gotten your army into that kill position you can choose to end the storm and begin laying waste to your opponent.

Personally though, I prefer two solar pulses. Building a list with a good amount of range, usually the two crypteks with lances, and the 6 or so heavy destroyers. As I explained in the previous article, this allows you to quickly gain an advantage on your opponent, and then as you reach the midfield range the rest of your army comes into play, further establishing your dominance.

One of the most important pieces in your arsenal regardless of which build you choose, are the now very well known Command Barges. These fast skimmers are the best 80 points you will ever spend. The thing is useful on so many levels, its obvious sheer damage output makes it incredible, it”s durability is another obvious benefit. But most of all, it forces your opponent into making decisions, as they shouldn”t be able to deal with your command barges and your ghost arks and your monoliths and your heavy destroyers and your whatever else you have. The basic idea with the barge is to be hyper-aggressive with it, play (relatively) safely with it the first two turns, try to get it a good angle to hit the enemy lines in the following turns as they advance. Then go crazy. Kill as much as you can, as quickly as you can, always moving flat out. That way you will have ridiculous durability (armor 13 front and side, 4 cover, ignore shaken on 2 ,stunned on 4 , and sac a wound to ignore immobilized results). It is not an easy vehicle to kill, which will force them to devote retarded amounts of firepower to it.

There are a few exceptions to the “hyper-aggressive” barge mode, like if your opponent has an annoying back field scoring unit, that they like to leave all the way in the back, unattended to. Let your Overlord fly over and attend to them.

Another thing to think about, which only further breaks the Command Barge, is the fact that all of its damage happens during the movement phase, so you could move it first, and potentially clear move lanes for you other units, or peel apart a transport for you monolith/doomsday ark to lay waste to. Also, if as he flies over a unit, he manages to roll a 6, you get to allocate the wound bye melta gun, or power fist sergeant, or my favorite the blood angels fnp priest (that squad then eats so much gauss) . AND if you happen to kill 25% of the unit (even in the move phase!) you force a morale check on them. The Command Barge is in-fucking-credible.

Then comes the true value of it, the fact that this crazy durable, ridiculous threatening object, is flying around in your enemies face, laughing crazily and murdering what it pleases. They will be forced to deal with it, and when they do that, all of your other tanks become that much better, because they gain more free turns of shooting, to continue to cripple your opponent. Command Barges are a must. They are simply too good to pass up, and in a competitive format when points allow, you should be looking to field two of them, as they do so much for their cost.

195 points (total), for armor 13 front and side, back 11 fast skimmer, whose occupant can sacrifice a wound to prevent immobile results, Strength and Toughness 5 Overlord, with 3 wounds, 2 armor save, and hitting at Strength 7 power weapon. It”s kind of ridiculous. In the best way possible.

Aside from the Barges, I”d like to stress positioning, with Newcrons, this a key concept, more so than most armies, due to the relative slow paced nature of Necrons. Based on what army you”re facing you”ll know how quickly you need to move forward, and when its time to stop and shoot the crap out of them. I could go on and on based on mission types and which army you”re dealing with, but I feel like that would might get a bit annoying. Maybe I”ll write up some battle reports over the course of time covering different mission styles and how to deal with certain armies. Like everything in 40k, so much is situational, which is why I prefer fielding the more balanced approach over the scarab farm or similar spam builds, as it forces you into one real game plan, flooding your opponent with scarabs, and if they”re incapable of dealing with it you win, but if they are capable of dealing with it, you”re pretty screwed. Tune in next week for part 3! The topic of which is yet to be determined. Post questions/comments/concerns/you”re doing this wrongs/etc below!

  • I cannot agree more about the CCB. It’s silly awesome and pretty cheap for what it can do. I’ve been running two lately instead of one and Scarabs, caused a lot more damage and I didn’t even lose one all game.

  • Well written.

    Having faced the Command Barge I can only agree to how damn effective that thing is. Though of course a single lascannon will ruin its day ;) Inside joke for the rest of you.

  • therhino

    The fly-by thing is very cool. It’s a concept I was thinking about incorporating into a Dark Eldar army if I ever build one. Of course, the Dark Eldar versions aren’t as strong or durable…

    • Lukas

      much more spammable though eh? :P and they carry a payload of angry bi-I mean wyches.

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