Necron Strategy/Tactics/My Thoughts Part 3

NecronHi everyone, here with the third portion of my Necron play style. This week I was going to focus more on how to dish out all that damage, or how to handle the nasty assault units you”ll come across these days.

One way, as I have discussed in earlier posts, is to fight fire with fire, or better fire in certain cases. Fielding one strong counter assault unit (cough, Lychguard, cough) can work very well, and is the most reliable way around those kind of armies, but you certainly pay for it, so I don”t recommend that til much higher point levels. When you find yourself capable of fielding a unit of them, don”t be crazy aggressive with them, they are made to murder anything that gets into range of your army. They”re called guards for a reason, and they function as such. Keep them relatively central to your army, and try to bait your enemy into them, or just make sure they are near the important stuff.

Another method that works quite often, is a bubble wrap unit, or my favorite and most overused strategy, baiting. Depending on your opponent you can present them with a relatively easy looking target, something like a big warrior unit, something they know they can kill, but it still has to be a worthwhile looking squad (15 warriors) . Then after they cruise that Land Raider over, pile out them terminators and murder your unit, you get to shoot your entire army into them, (this is when Triarch Stalkers truly shine). The only problem with this is some people”s tendency to make retarded amounts of 2 saves and shrug off way more wounds than they should have.

Regardless though, bait is one of the simplest strategies and it can yield really great results. Even when you use a counter assault unit, unless it”s Wraiths or Praetorians (both of which are less favored by me :P ), you”ll have to bring their assault unit to you, via tasty looking Warrior squads. I think some people just like to jump into combat, knowing they”ll win the combat, they don”t always think about what will happen afterwards.

Now, I keep talking about counter assault units, many of you probably already know what I”m referring to, in this codex it”s Lychguard, Praetorians, C”tan, Scarabs, Spyders, Wraiths, sometimes a buffed up Overlord.

I”ve only used praetorians once, I was not impressed at all, they lack invulns, still I2, only 1 attack, but their Jump Infantry you say! Well, so are Wraiths, know the difference? Wraiths are immune to terrain, have a 3 invuln, 2 wounds, are Str6, 3 attacks base w/ rending, have access to a 10 point upgrade that causes models in base to base to be I1, and they are cheaper! So yea, if you have a thing for jump packs, go with the Wraiths.

Scarabs and Spyders have to be used in conjunction with each other, the Scarabs get buffed up in early turns, and then are launched into either transports or normal units, holding them in place and wearing them out while the Spyders ponderously move forward to clean up the mess. Odd enough, this is the cheapest method, and most versatile. The only real threats to it are Tyranids (the big bugs, like Tyrants and Trygons), because they are simply better than you :P . As long as your army is sporting a couple heavy gauss cannons though you should be alright. Another problem I”ve run into are Dark Eldar, now the rest of your armies effectiveness sky-rockets against these guys, but the Spyders suddenly become a joke. Due to their few attacks, the Wyches just dodge and the Hexabitch wounds them on a 4 re-rolling everything and being a power weapon. Scarabs on the other hand, they steamroll those toughness 3 Elves. You can”t dodge an entire wave of Scarabs ;p .

C”tan, so not reliable. More often than not they get shot at til they explode. When they get to combat, if you roll okay you”ll usually win, but if you roll anything less than okay, your combat will last forever, making it almost impossible to do much else with him. On the other hand, he brings other goodies to the table (that you pay through the nose for) .

But LYCHGUARD. Due to my biased nature, I will deny they have any downfall aside from points and mobility. Which is fine, because you get what you pay for and Necrons are kidding themselves if they think their mobile. Pay 5 points for a 4 invuln? Yes please. Add in a Court Lord with scythe and orb, making them T5, 3 /4 / 4 .  2 Attacks base with strength 5 power weapons (hand them Furious Charge from Zahndrekh and let the slaughterfest commence). And to top it all off, the models are the coolest in the game (don”t tell my thundercav that though). Running 7 w/ swords and shields, with a Lord with scythe and orb runs you 390 points, so make sure this is a nice sized game. But for me it”s been worth it to fit them in.

  • Praetorians just look cool and seem cool. I know very little about them though so can’t make an informed opinion of them, especially stacked up against another unit.

    As for Lychguard, I’d say being I2 is a pretty big downside. Dedicated assault units are going to put a huge dent in these guys before they swing. As a counter-assault unit, as you suggested, I think they do well but they aren’t going to lead any charges into enemy territory against reasonable assault armies.

    • Lukas

       Well, technically it’s not a downside, since I2 is army-wide aside from C’tan ;p . I know what you mean, but in my experience they do their job incredibly, I’ve mowed through an entire jump pack Blood Angel army with them. In combination with Zahndrekh they become that much more badass. Getting Counter-Attack when they are placed in the way, Furious Charge when in range. And he also prevents the enemy from doing the same (no counter attack for grey hunters, no furious charge for blood angels :D ) . Certainly not a lead the charge unit, unless you’re facing IG or tau.

  • Spectre Senence

    Great article Luke, I agree with the Lychguard and their value in a Necron army. It is one of those rare units that can hold up against about anything they face. For those that don’t play Necrons and face them as often as I do, concentrate “Your Entire Army’s Firepower” and bring them down. You can’t do token shooting it has to be with effort to bring them all down [No reanimation protocol]
    You must also be wary as they members from the Royal Court as wound abuse can protect them from easily being gunned down. Have fun the Lychguard are tough and an example as how much, it took my Imperial Guard with Punisher and Executioner about 3 turns with help from 5 other units to put this group down so don’t underestimate these robots!

  • therhino

    Lychguard feel a lot like Assault Terminators: expensive, and subject to being bogged down. Lychguard have so few attacks at such a low I value that units of numerous, cheap models can weigh them down for a long time. Genestealers, Gaunts, Boyz, Wyches, etc. The battle may take along time, or turn into a total stalemate, but it causes your most durable and beatsticky unit to be mired in fodder, unable to engage the units they’re better suited to challenge.

    • Lukas

       I can agree to that. But you have to remember, my entire army is loaded with rapid fire weapons, and those units you mentioned usually get gunned down to a far more reasonable value before they hit my lines :P . Hordes are definitely a problem, but not difficult to be removed.

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