Necrons and 6th Edition

Necrons: WraithsWelcome to 6th, where you will find all your tanks riddled with gauss and warriors playing poker planetside until rudely beamed onto a game winning objective. Hurray for fliers! But really folks, you may remember my brief experiment with the 5th edition scarab farm (it was just a phase, I”ve since learned), I find myself at a similar viewpoint with Night Scythes.

I”ve played a bunch of games in 6th, mostly with Necrons, and they are easily the cheesiest thing out there. I hate to say it, since I love the army for its fluff and play style, but now it is just so far out of hand. Literally everywhere you look, the rulebook is screaming “Advantage: Necrons”. The only true nerf the Necron book got this edition was the Command Barges, which are no longer auto-takes, still very good and fun, but went from god-mode to pretty great.

I know what you”re saying, “What about night fight, Lukas? That got way worse!” False. with the whole 12-24″ granting 1 cover save, and 25-36″ granting a 2. Did I mention all of our vehicles have Jink? 5 Cover when you move at all. Yeeeeeaap. Which is 4 possibly 3 cover, on your AV13 Ghost Arks toting 4 HP. Or better yet, your AV14 4 HP MONOLITH. Suddenly night fight doesn”t seem so bad, does it?

I”ve tried many different army builds recently. But all have had the same core, Annihilation Barges and Night Scythes. The sheer amount of firepower just rolls people off the board, its similar to the Leafblower IG style of play, with a dash of Eldar.

Now that I”ve continued rambling incoherently, I”ll mention Destroyer Lords, who I have a new-found love for as well. With the introduction of challenges, power weapons being AP3, they got a massive buff. Slap 2 armor and Mindshackle scarabs on him and watch him butcher things. I”ve been running mine typically in a Night Scythe with Immortals (seeing how they work in this edition), while he does eliminate a second court, I don”t view double courts as a necessity either anymore. Preferred Enemy is conferred to the unit now. So those rapid-firing immortals can go ahead and re-roll ones to hit and to wound, but not to armor pen, not yet anyway maybe it”ll get FAQ”ed, as of now though it is only to-hit and to-wound (you don”t wound vehicles, even though they have HP).

While the Immortals with him work, if you can find the points for it, there is no reason for him not to be with a big unit of Wraiths (see below for further details).

Destroyer Lords, Zahndrekh, Fliers, the nifty night fight thing…. Ah yes WRAITHS. That unit I used to complain about being subpar? Well, they are now you”re only reliable combat unit, unless you”re doing Scarab farms (less awesome now). Str6 and rending for AP2, the impact hits if you don”t use their “jump packs”, etc. Although neat fact, due to wraithflight they still ignore terrain if they don”t move as jump packs, which could help I suppose. Lychguard are too expensive and either AP2 with no invuln, or AP3 with 4 invuln. I haven”t played a big enough points level to try them, I will simply cause they are the coolest models in the game. But yea, Wraiths are the new black.

I”ve fooled around with a couple other things, but in game haven”t found any major breakthroughs. I do have one interesting theory regarding Deathmarks due to the wording on their Hunters from Hyperspace rule. It states that whenever they are deployed via reserves you may mark a unit, and that any Deathmark unit (including attacked crypteks/lords), wound it on a 2 . So if you put on of those squads in a Night Scythe, and then zipped it into ongoing reserves every turn, you could potentially always be wounding on a 2 . You would have to have plural squads, and preferably have a veil Cryptek in there, since he has the AP1 flamer and will then allow them to deep strike to their new target every turn. That or Obyron, since he also allows you to Veil out of combat. It”s a theory which would be quite hilarious, if gimmicky.

The most common netlist out there currently is the Flying Circus, with Imotekh as your Ring Leader. The major issue I find with that army, is your lack of staying power, you don”t have an actual army, you just have 5 man MSU Necron units, which suck if you as me. Sure you are all in fliers but you have to get out to score them, so almost all of the points in your army go toward fliers that only count for mobility. They can do damage as well, especially paired with Doom Scythes. But my current favorite list (which I won my local FoB qualifier with, well tied but never got my 2 read packet points :p ), consisted of this:

Destroyer Lord with Scythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, and Sempiternal Weave 160
8 Warriors in Ark 219 (x2)
15 Warriors in Night Scythe 295 (x2)
10 Immortals in Night Scythe 270
6 Wraiths all with coils 270
Annihilation Barge 90 (x3)

That list brings a solid army to the table, that is then reinforced by fliers. This lets you actually play the game turns 1&2 and hold down your own fort. Sometimes it even tricks your opponent into overextending to get to your main force, abandoning other areas of the map, leaving objectives unprotected for your units to drop onto and claim. The big squads in the scythes are so much more satisfying, and versatile. I”ve used one as a suicide unit before to kill a Land raider, or drop into the middle of the fray on turn 4 to force my opponent to split their force, now having to deal with a full strength unit that is hailing fire upon them. Also, 3 Annihilation Barges are incredibly dirty.

  • Necrons were, without a doubt, created for 6th edition. I’m wondering just where they will stand on the ladder of 6th edition as other codices are released for 6th. Flyers will, at some point, be less of a go-to as they are now as armies become more capable of dealing with them. Night Scythes are still going to be a great flyer regardless, but the tactics in their use will definitely change. Necrons will of course maintain the effectiveness of gauss weapons but I can’t help but wonder if armies will get a means of combating it. Right now, in my opinion, it’s the guass weapons that really push Necrons over the top at the moment.

    • BenitoSenence

      You are so right here Thor, the flier craze is good for GW sales now and the game is unbalanced because they were set up in 5th but only IG had AA all along. As the codexes get re-released writers will “fix” what players can’t deal with and give them some minor weakness. I’ve seen it too many times

  • JustHippie

    It’s kind of funny how the internetz takes the transport that can carry 15 guys and turns it into the next Razorspam. Granted Night Scythes are awesome but I agree and would have larger scoring units somewhere if not inside it.
    Gauss, AV13 skimmers, Tesla, Reanimation, Ever living, mind shackle scarabs, entropic strike, living metal…. What’s not good about Necrons?

  • Amberclad

    That list seems really good. I’d love to play against it sometime.

  • Wow. Remind me not to play against necrons.

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