Necrons: Will the New Codex Inspire?

As usual at the LGS we tend to spend as much time talking about 40K as we do playing it. Naturally the topic of Necrons emerged and I realized that even with a new codex for them I may not even be interested. For the record, I do own roughly 1,500pts of Necrons, so we’re talking about a continuation of the army, not starting new.

This realization was surprising. All along like every Necron player I have been anxiously waiting on the new codex, reading the various rumors and generally getting excited about the release. My Necrons, who have mostly slumbered since the release of 5th, are looking to be rebooted. It dawned on me though that I’m not sure GW can pull off what’s needed to pull my interest back into the army of robots. I’ve always enjoyed the fluff, which I know is a rough spot for some, but even still the fluff for me isn’t exactly riveting. It’s cool but a bit plain in my opinion. I think it’s the mindless beings trapped in robotic bodies that I can’t fully embrace. I’m one of those few people who isn’t a fan of zombies in general and I just see Necrons as 40K zombies, Lords aside. I suppose that’s not exactly a new generalization.

When I first got into Necrons I knew nothing about them and 40K was still new to me, though they were my 2nd army. I liked the aesthetics of the army, still do, so I bought a battle force and went from there. Looking at them now after five years in into the hobby and they just don’t hold the same appeal they once did. It’s not just the fluff of course. Without a doubt they’ll be completely revamped and Necrons will be standing proud once again, however will they have enough flavor? Can GW give them enough diversity that they remain an attractive army once the shininess wears off? I know the rumors of new units, existing units being altered and all that but it can’t answer the question I’m wondering. Of course it’s not a question anyone can answer but me and that can’t be done until the new codex is out. In the meantime I remain cautiously optimistic.

  • I’m a big Necron fan and was my first 40k army. As long as they can deal with mech I’ll be re-starting my collection as I haven’t played with them since 8 months after 5th edition came out.

    • About the same here. I’ve used them off and on for fun stuff at the LGS but nothing serious. I’d just like to see, aside from being more competitive, some real flavor and options with them. Things like getting special weapons in Warrior Squads, having some sort of Sergeant type, etc.

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  • Anonymous

    Same here.  Necrons just have no real personality to them.  Every model is identical.  Even with new special characters and units, there just isn’t the sense of personality to the army that draws me to Marines, or Guard. 
    My next army was supposed to be Sisters, and they’ll get a new book in White Dwarf, but will there be enough personality in them to make them worth playing, or will they just be a Necron-like husk of an army, with no spice to make them interesting?

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