Rok Da Vote: Necrons Poll Closed

NecronsI set up this poll as the rumors were hot and the rumored release date just around the corner. They’ve been out for a week’ish so it’s time to shut down the poll. The results were:

[poll id=”16″]

45% Of the voters all thought it would be great to see another Xenos army across the table from them and I agree. I love my Marines as much as the next guy but it can get tiresome playing against them all the time. Playing against Xenos armies always tends to be very interesting, in my experience, and a nice change of pace.

No surprise here with 33% of the voters stating that their current Necron army would see some loving. A handful of players stuck out the Necron castration of 5th edition and continued to bring them to the table top. Others sighed in resignation when 5th hit and shelved the robots. Regardless, damn near every Necron player out there couldn’t help but be reinvigorated with all the rumors, when this poll went up, floating around.

Then there’s the related choice that 17% picked. That being they’d invest in their Necrons as they had time and money. I’m in this boat. As cool as they are now I just can’t yet get around to them despite my desire to.

Also in at 17% are those just not interested. Not everyone is going to jump into a new army or decide to revive an existing, though 17% is higher than I anticipated.

Speaking of, 14% said they would be starting a new Necron army. Another vote that surprised me as I figured it would be a bit higher. Then again, overall we have a large quantity of quality codices to pick from now and the new Necron one is just another among them.

Wrapping this up we have 2% who think robots are lame. I’m a sucker for robots so I just can’t agree :)

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