Rok Da Vote: Necrons Re-Poll Closed

Necrons CodexSince the new Necrons have been out for a while I re-polled the community to see if opinions had changed on where Necrons now stand in the hierarchy of codices.

First up, let’s review the previous poll’s results when Necrons had been out for a short bit.

[poll id=”17″]

And now the most current poll.

[poll id=”20″]

A fair shift in results to be sure. The most notable change is when they were just put out people overwhelmingly thought it was a good codex but not a great one with 65% of the vote. Below that was 17% thinking it was a top-tier codex. We fast forward to the current poll, and a handful of months of playing, and we see a closer poll with 41% feeling it’s a top-tier codex and right behind that at 37% people saying it’s good but not great. That’s a huge change of opinion!

Another large change was when the first poll went up nobody thought they were overpowered. The current poll though shows that 7% of the voters think Necrons are overpowered. It’s a small percentage to be sure but to jump from 0% to 7% is significant.

Aside from those there are some minor variations but those are the big changes of view over the months.

Overall I’m not surprised by the results and the change of view. Some codices hit and it’s obvious from the start where the power is going to lay and out the gate you see the powerful builds. Necrons didn’t, and haven’t, played out that way. It’s a good codex but I see it more like the vanilla Marines codex where there’s not a lot that just stands out on its own. It’s more about putting the parts together into a functional cohesive force and not slamming Unit A down someone’s throat x 3.

  • BenitoSenence

    I agree, and a lot of the misconception is very similiar to GK. Not knowing all these rules that a Necron codex can bring to the table. Every army I faced has been different in a lot of ways. That’s good. When I get beat it’s just trying to adjust to the tactics they rely on. One thing for you opponents is to fully understand the Reanimation Protocol. Advice, kill the whole unit off, don’t split fire like you do to other armies. Eliminating the option for a necron to get back up will put the necron player to be hard pressed to achieve his objectives.

  • Lukas

    “new Necrons” Correction: Newcrons. Aside, they can be a top tier, but imo top tier are the super competitive armies : gay knights, ig, wolves, blood angels. Necrons rely a bit too heavily on night fight to get their job done, so when people make good night rolls, or turbo their mad gay raven up and searchlight a vehicle to then rape. Things go poorly. They are definitely up there though.

    • BenitoSenence

      Gay Knights? Necrons can take over enemy vehicles, change sky between night and day between turns, reduce armor, teleport during turns without going into reserve, deflect shots in opponents shooting phase, and in the same process get back up after being “killed” no matter the weapon. Pretty bold my Sarab Farmering Nerf hurting friend! 8)

      • Lukas

         Grey Knight vehicles are effectively completely immune to shaken and stunned, all of their people strike at I6 with force weapons, they can pay like 5 points to just up and get a bonus strength on their guns, and in combat they can cast hammerhand 89236598437267 times which for some god awful faq allowed it to stack :P . Don’t even get me started on the grenades…

        • BenitoSenence

          That conception is really loaded towards Paladins which takes extreme advantage of the wound allocation, plus stacking comes with IC involved. If you bring weapons that kill marines you can kill Grey Knights

          • khorneinquisitor

            I agree.  While I am infuriated at both the stacking, the ridiculous grenades, and the abilities with no drawbacks or extra costs to speak of, if you can hammer down SM, you can hammer down GKs.  In my 6 games against GKs, I have lost twice.  First time was the first game and second time was the campaign game that was just a terrible matchup.  Things to remember- Paladin builds suffer in tournament settings now that people have figured them out (and they have).  You notice no GK player has used a 

            Dragio list and scored top three at the shop; Not everyone takes halberds, especially paladins, as they need the dfferent weapons to wound abuse them; they are limited to ability.  You make a paladin list a footslogging list early and it’s game over; and lastly the GK codex (and necrons for that matter) are for 6th (if GW is to be believed) and things like psyker powers, grenades, wound allocation, and even older codices that they hurt hard like daemons and CSM are going to change.  Maybe better, maybe worse, but they will likely change.

  • therhino

    I’d say the change in numbers is due to fat-trimming. People have had the book long enough to now know which units in the codex are most numerically efficient, and they focus on those units. “Fat” units like Lychguard/Triarch Praetorians, Flayed Ones, etc etc have been trimmed and removed from the plate. Opponents now perceive only the nonfat units, and make their decision based on that.

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