Rok Da Vote: Necrons

NecronsSeems appropriate I get a poll going for the impending release of Necrons. The rumors are everywhere, price lists are floating around, dates are all but confirmed, it’s inevitable. Necrons are just about here.

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I have a small Necron force, around 1,500 worth, and like many they’ve mostly sat on the shelf once 5th came out. Occasionally I dust them off, get motivated and pumped up for a game and then play a game and remember why they’re sitting on the shelf. Without question all that will change next month and I’m excited for it but it will be a while yet before I can invest in them. Maybe by the time I’m ready to start buying up the new goodies the other waves of model releases will be out and I won’t be waiting on anything.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s GW’s teaser for an announcement on the 29th of this month. If you haven’t figured it out yet it’s Necrons.

  • McKennaluke

    I’m excited for this on one hand, on the other I’m crying, cause I’ll no longer be able to ignore invulns, the Monolith is going to become terrain/melta fodder , and the C’tan are a hell of a lot less badass.
    While special characters and the open topped tanks will be incredible!!! I’m gonna miss the Phalanx<3

    • I assure you, once you get them built up and have the units you want then you will not miss the phalanx one bit.

      It was inevitable with the C’tan though. They were pricey but there was a ton of kick-ass tied up into those things, too much so.

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