Rok Da Vote: Re-poll – Necrons

NecronsWhen the Necron codex was first out I put up a poll asking you all what you thought about the new Necrons. Many months have since passed and so I’m asking again the same question but now most everyone has far more experience under their belt be it with the army or facing it.

Once this poll concludes I’ll compare the before and after to see what has changed. So, vote below or off to the right as always.

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  • stealthystealth

    The Necron codex is awesome sauce 

  • therhino

    The weaknessof the Necron Codex is the lack of imaginative builds thus far. People latched onto the Solar Pulse and Scarab Farm thing so tightly that there aren’t any other builds done yet.

    • Agreed. From my experience it’s a well balanced codex, much like vanilla Marines, but those balanced lists aren’t hitting the table just yet.

      • Lukas

        I PLAY THE BALANCED LIST. The problem is the balanced list is only even remotely possible at the 1850ish point range :P . Amish is also playing a more balanced approach, but differently then I prefer.

  • Hippie

    I hope we will now start seeing more Thunderwolf Cavalry in SW lists and when the 2nd wave of Necron models is available hope to see some of that stuff played too.   No doubt the Scarab farm is pretty amazing.  Kind of like Long Fangs, Lash, Psflyman, Furioso, Kairos, Eldrad, Exorcist, Tervigon, etc.
    9 Spyders creating 140pts per turn X 5 turns= 700pts of army for free!  What’s not to like?

    • You know, it’s funny that releasing models for use with the army helps create a diverse set of lists for the given army ;) Not everyone is a sculptor or converter and would rather wait on the models than proxy them. So yeah, hopefully we do start seeing more from the codices now.

      • khorneinquisitor

        People proxy when they have a unit that they specifically want to use. Look at Teverigons. Everyone has one of those damned things. I am dubious that the intro of Thunder Cav will change much in the way of metagame, if for no other reason than the SW tempo has really been set and they have been largely left behind.

        • Mostly true. There are some die hards though that refuse to proxy. Maybe not at XRG but in general. If nothing else the models may cause a resurgance of players playing those armies again if for no other reason than to use the new models.

  • BenitoSenence

    I like the codex it’s solid and forgiving to new players. The special builds some expierenced players are making are tough to certain armies but from what I seen can be exploited keeping them from being ridiculous.

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