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Miniature Modeling

Articles regarding modeling, the stuff we’re assembling and getting ready for paint. We have lots of pictures to share of the work we’re doing. Most everything we’re working on ends up in here, be it assembling basic infantry models to scratch builds. There’s an assortment of modeling projects here.

Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dread (Part #3)

Dreadtober 2017 - Part #3

The painting process begins. I intend to try to imitate and corrupt the colour scheme used by one of my gaming groups armies. The main dreadnought will be painted like his black templars only rusted and corrupted to serve a darker purpose. The Painting Time to experiment with weathering powders.… Read More »Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dread (Part #3)