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Real Life

Real life, it’s that thing that keeps us from what we love doing, which is normally Warhammer 40K stuff.

My Thoughts & Tips on Solo Wargaming (Practical Advice)

    As someone who has played solo wargames, I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on the subject. It’s not something you should be ashamed of doing, and there’s a lot to be learned from solo wargaming. So, check out my tips and advice on the subject.

    Miniature Gaming with Children

    Miniature Gaming with the Next Generation (Our Children)

      I want to share some insights and lessons I’ve learned with trying to get children involved in miniature gaming. You have to approach things a little differently with kids to keep their interest and engage them. I hope you find this useful.

      Blind Gaming

      What It’s like Gaming While Blind

        I’m legally blind, and I wanted to talk about what it’s like gaming while being blind. It has some unique challenges, as you might imagine.

        Rest in Peace, Mom

          This morning at 5:30am my mother in law passed away. She suffered from congestive heart failure and was in the late stages of kidney failure. She fought a long hard fight but it was the first fight she could not… Read More »Rest in Peace, Mom