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June 2010


The Whiner

The whiner comes in many varieties. So many in fact it’s hard to nail them all down. Instead I’ll focus on the primary ones I see but even this is a small sampling. Eeyore – This is the person who insists that every other codex out there is better than…Read More


The Inner Voice

Alright folks, I’ve tried to be good and suppress that inner voice but I can’t do it. When I decided to kick off this blog with some of my 40K ramblings I figured I’d be a good boy and keep that voice inside my head quiet. I didn’t want to…Read More


A few changes you’ll notice. First, I’m trying to sticky the most recent articles of value so they stick to the top. If you only come here to read something slightly insightful then those are stuck at the top with the blue background. Second, there are these things called asides…Read More

Spring Break

Upcoming July Tournament

Not counting the recent 3-week tournament we held this month, I have not done a tournament since March. In the five tournaments I’ve done I have only fielded my Space Marines once. We are scored on painting and my Orks are fully painted so I’ve used them the most because…Read More

Are We There Yet?

A quick update on the work for Joe. Five Devs are completed and an Assault Squad is about halfway complete. Once the Assault Squad gets completed I’ll be very close to the half-way mark on having painting completed. The second week in July I’ll have a lot more free time…Read More


Tournaments – Win Big or Go Home

I’m far from an experienced tournament goer since I’ve only played in five of them and all of them local. That being said, at my FLGS we’re all discussing our current method of scoring, from army composition scores to the very core of determining the overall winner. I won’t touch…Read More