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My Battlewagon! Ork Fan Fiction for Warhammer 40K

    “Ye gitz ready?” bellowed Nazduruk to the assembled convoy of ramshackle vehicles that had halted momentarily to survey the Chaos Marines just ahead of their position.

    The question was met with an overwhelming roar as the Boyz raised their choppas, stamped their feet and threw unwary Grots for sheer amusement. Nazduruk raised his prized wrecka hamma and swept it down. The vehicles lept forward at the signal belching oily smoke from their exhausts and throwing up an enormous dust screen. The Chaos Marines had split their force looking like they wanted to secure something with each prong of their army. What it was didn’t matter to the Sun’z Killaz, they just wanted a good fight and they knew the followers of the Blood God were of like mind. Nazduruk had also decided to split his force to meet each part of their force.

    Reaching behind him Nazduruk flipped the switch on his kustom force field generator and with some rattles and groans it came to life. A shimmering green haze settled around Nazduruk’s trukk and the other vehicles around him. His attack force was speeding to the east to catch the single green diseased looking rhino that was plodding along. The other half of the army was driving north to catch two red rhinos and knowing red ones go faster they kept up a break neck pace.

    The northern half of the Ork assault was the first to get in range. The Wartrakks wasted no time and launched a barrage of rokkits at the nearest Rhino. The lurching Killa Kanz lended their shots at the same Rhino. Much to the amazement of the Orks the Rhino exploded in a shower of flaming debris. From underneath the strewn pieces of the transport some figures in red armor got to their feet brandishing chainaxes, seemingly unphased by explosion.

    In the east a lone figure was standing his ground facing down the advance of Nazduruk’s Boyz. The Sorcerer raised his hand and a swirling chaotic energy began surrounded him. The energy swirled faster and reached a cresendo, launching from the outstretched arm of the Sorcerer towards the Looted Wagon tailing behind the faster Trukks. The chaotic energy struck the kustom force field and was absorbed with a flicker of the field.

    “Har, har, har!” Nazduruk laughed as he pointed at the Sorcerer and stuck out his tongue.

    The Shoota Boyz riding in the Trukk beside Nazduruk opened fire on the solitary figure. The shootas proved to be effective for more than just making noise as the Sorcerer was staggered back from the blows. His armor was rent all over and his life blood spilled forth. The Sorcerer had spent centuries in the service of the dark gods, having faced things that would drive a mortal man insane to just look upon, and here he was being brought down by a hail of bullets from weapons wielded by Orks. Fate was nothing if not ironic.

    Back in the north the second Rhino had been stopped by an endless stream of rokkits. The Kanz had surged forward and charged into the squad of Berserkers, ripping them in half and throwing them in every direction. The other Berserker squad had never made it far beyond the shell of their Rhino with the Lootas and Warbikers having struck them down at range.

    While the Orks had their attention forward, two units of Chaos Terminators teleported into the battlefield. They arrived behind the forward Ork units and wasted no time in aiming their deadly arsenal and firing into the Warbikers. The smoky exhaust and dust kicked up by the Warbikers proved to be effective cover and none of the shots found their mark. The second Terminator unit had landed behind a Looted Wagon but their shots were deflected by Nazduruk’s force field.

    The Plague Marines exited their Rhino now that they had reached their destination, whatever objective it was that drove them there. The Orks were but a few strides away and the Plague Marines charged forward to meet the lumbering Battlewagon head on. With a mighty swing the Plague Champion hammered his power fist into the side of the Battlewagon. The power of the hit destroyed the support chasis causing the Battlewagon to skid to a halt.

    “Out!” came a yell from inside the Battlewagon.

    Grots began clambering down the ruins of the Battlewagon followed by a Runtherd. Apparently they had grabbed onto the side of it and climbed aboard when it had driven by. However their ride was cut short and the Runtherd snapped his whip to encourage the Grots out. A squig hound pulled taught the chain leash the Runtherd retrained it by, drooling and snapping at the Grots.

    Nazduruk was angered by the loss of a Battlewagon. The boss was not going to be happy. Thinking that if they killed the Chaos Marines fast enough that he might have time to try and fix the Battlewagon, Nazduruk raised and lowered his wrecka hamma, pointing it at the Plague Marines. The Boyz jumped out of the Trukk. As soon as their feet hit the ground the Boyz whooped and hollored in glee and charged for the Plague Marines. Lacking the enthusiasm of the Boyz, the Grots likewise charged for the Plague Marines, though forced and beaten into charging was more appopriate.

    A few of the Boyz were brought low by blades of the Plague Marines. Grots had suffered more than the Boyz as handfuls of them would never live to see another whipping. Choppas swung and sluggas were fired at close range yet none of the Plague Marines had fallen. Scratching and clawing the Grots climbed over the Plague Marines looking for vulnerable spots to attack. One Plague Marine toppled over under the weight of six Grots and never rose again. A power klaw of the Nob leading the Boyz disintegrated more of the Plague Marines, leaving one left amongst them. That one Plague Marine was quickly brought down under the weight of attacks.

    Only a few of the Chaos Marines were left on the battlefield. Those few remaining would be dealt with once the looting was over. Nazduruk on the other hand had a Battlewagon to fix but at least there were some Rhinos to salvage parts from.

    Sun’z Killaz

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