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Nazduruk Lurkmek – Big Mek Special Character Rules

    A while ago Second Sphere held a competition where you built a character. Below is the result of that. Sadly I didn’t place at all with this entry but I thought it came out well so I’ve kept it. One of these days I may actually field him as detailed below. So, here’s the rules for Nazduruk Lurkmek.

    Nazduruk is a bit unhinged, even by Ork standards. When Sun’z Killas left behind Angelis, boarding a space hulk to further their mercenary career, Nazduruk disappeared for a few weeks and when he was seen again he had changed drastically. Nobody knows what happened to him, and he’s never said a word, but there was no denying Nazduruk’s place in the Ork hierarchy upon his return. The previously slim and pale Nazduruk had bulked up to nearly the size of Guldreg, the tribe’s Warboss, and his skin was a dark earthy green.

    Nazduruk had become a regular at the fungus brew hall where previously it was unheard of to see him there. He would sit by himself with his favored weapon and tool, the Wrecka Hamma, a large two-handed hammer. You could almost guarantee that if Nazduruk was drinking then a fight was just squig’s breath away. Unprovoked he would quickly rise from his seat, grab his Wrecka Hamma, and just start spinning himself around and clobbering anyone who was too close. In a few moments the bar patrons who weren’t smart enough to flee would be laid low by Nazduruk and he’d then reclaim his seat and continue drinking.

    Guldreg wasn’t one to waste such ferocity and so he would have Nazduruk often lead a warband. From these battles Nazduruk would loot anything of value, armor, various worky gubbins, and he began building his Snazzy Armor. Once completed, the armor afforded him a great deal of protection from the thick plating to the built in force field. With his Snazzy Armor and his Wrecka Hamma he would lead the charge into the enemy, spinning around with his hammer and destroying entire units on his own, not to mention any Boyz who got too close.

    WS: 4
    Cost: 130pts

    Snazzy Armor
    Wrecka Hamma

    Special Rules
    Independent Character
    Furious Charge
    Mob Rule
    Swingin’ Time

    Snazzy Armor – Snazzy Armor is looted from bits of everything Nazduruk could get his hands on. Snazzy Armor gives Nazduruk a 4+ armor save. In addition it has a smaller version of a kustom force field built into it but this one operates differently. Nazduruk, and any unit he’s attached to, receive a 5+ cover save in shooting. If he’s riding in a vehicle then the vehicle counts as obscurred. When in assault Nazduruk will reduce the range of the field to concentrate it only on himself, thus he gets a 5+ invulnerable save in assault. It has no effect on any other model in the unit in assault.

    Wrecka Hamma – Nazduruk thinks the bigger the hammer the better it is fixin’ things. If Nazduruk is inside, or in base contact with, a vehicle at the end of his movement then he can attempt to repair a single weapon destroyed or immobilized result. Roll a D6 – on a 3+ the result is negated. This could allow a previously immobilized vehicle to move in that movement phase or shoot in that shooting phase. However, if a 1 is rolled then Nazduruk gets carried away beating things back into place and no further attempts can be made to repair that vhicle for the game.

    The Wrecka Hamma is wielded as a 2-handed weapon in assault granting +2 strength.

    Swingin’ Time – Nazduruk spins himself in a circle with his Wrecka Hamma extended out to smash anyone that gets near him. You can choose to attack normally or use Swingin’ Time but you can not do both. Roll a D6 – on a 2+ proceed with the attack normally. Any enemy model in the combat and within 2″ of Nazduruk will take an automatic S3 hit. If a 1 is rolled then Nazduruk gets carried away and smashes D3 friendly models in his unit, inflicting S3 hits. If he is not attached to a unit then he takes a single S3 hit.

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