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Tankbustas with Tankhammers Painting Showcase for Orks

    In preparing for the April Assault this month at my FLGS I had to get two Tankbustas with tankhammers built and painted. Doubly so because last week this unit of Tankbustas, in no small part due to these tankhammers, took down a Baneblade in one assault phase. If nothing else they earned the right to be painted, as they were built at that point.

    Here’s some shots of the two tankhammer wielding Tankbustas. Since the WIP shot I took the other week, I refined the missiles to be more cone-like and also added on the screws that hold the missile in place.

    Tankbustas Gallery

    Painting Thoughts

    The lighting the morning I took these was terrible and I wasn’t up for dragging around lamps. I fixed as much as I could in Photoshop but the skin is still showing a bit too dark.

    Anyway, nothing special regarding the paint job on these guys. This is my standard Ork paint job.

    I put most of my effort into the skin, which is hard to see in these shots, because I feel if you can do the skin well for Orks then everything else is just icing.

    I rely a lot on washes for my Orks and quick and simple highlights. I feel keeping it simple works well with Orks. I have my other armies for more elaborate techniques after all.

    The tankhammers were build with some spare bits. I used some loose Ork rokkits and glued them to the hafts of some choppas. Pretty simple but effective I think.

    Obviously the shield on the one Ork is a door from a Landspeeder.


    It’s nice to finally have some tankhammer wielding Tankbustas. I’ve always thought the idea of strapping an explosive to a stick and smashing something with it was truly Orky.


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    12 years ago

    Those look good!  I like the speeder door as a shield.

    12 years ago

    Awesome conversions!  If I ever go back and bulk my old unit of Tank Busters, I have some inspiration on how to go about it.  I love the shield, it kinda reminds my of a riot cop