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Get Da Shiny Fings! (Warhammer 40K Ork Player Fiction)

    Nazduruk grinned to himself. The Chaos Marines they had fought last week had hired them. Prior to the engagement with the Orks, the Chaos Marines were en route to a location to secure some devices. They wouldn’t say what exactly they were, only that they were valuable and had to be retrieved. The conflict with the Orks had left them too weak to continue their mission and so they hired the Sun’z Killaz to complete the task. Such things were not all that uncommon for the freebooting Sun’z Killaz but it always amused Nazduruk when the foe they had beaten went ahead and hired them.

    The location of the objectives was a small city that sat beside a river, about 20 miles west of where the Orks had fought the Chaos Marines. Six devices would be in the area but the only ones of value would be indicated by a flashing red light. Any device that did not emit the red light was of no use and could be left but the others needed to be captured and brought back.

    The Orks drove to the edge of the city. Nazduruk waved back the other vehicles and drove forward in his trukk to evaluate the city. To the east was a river that ran through the entire town and edged on that were some tall stone walls, one of which he had parked his trukk behind and climbed up to get a view. Northwest of his position was a tall building with some small forested areas between him and the building. Glancing down at the map the Chaos leader had given him, Nazduruk knew that behind the tall building sat one of the devices. To his left, the west, sat another device in a glade of trees and just north of that, between the glade and the building, sat another in the open. Straight ahead was another device beside another small glade. To the east sat one and the last was far north at the end of a stone wall that ran the length of the river. The distances between the devices wouldn’t be a problem for the Sun’z Killaz, they had enough speed to get to them and secure them quickly.

    Looking again to the northwest, Nazduruk saw some Space Marines climbing on top of the tall building. A quick look to the northeast showed more Space Marines at the end of the long stone wall, right next to the device that sat there. Jumping down off the wall, Nazduruk landed with a thump in the back of his trukk, bowling over a few unwary Boyz.

    Raising his wrecka hamma to get attention, Nazduruk yelled out,”Da ‘umies are on da uver side of dis wall. We trukks sit here and wait a bit. Get dat wagon over dere,” he pointed to the west near the glade of trees in which a device sat. “I want da trakks and kanz in front of da wagon and movin’ for dat building. Da Grots need ta go into dose woods and wait next to the fing in dere.”

    The vehicles given orders moved into position and the Runtherd drove on his Grots. Seeing the Marines on the roof, the looted wagon’s turret raised up with a groan and hurled a large shell. A blast erupted and a few Marines were blown clear off the building. Following the opening shot the wartrakks took aim and fired, blowing another Marine off his feet. The disciplined Marines regrouped with a practiced efficiency and returned fire. The wartrakks leading the assault took the brunt of the hits but fortune was with them and they kept on moving.

    Nazduruk had climbed back on to the wall and turned on the magnifying ability of his helmet’s visor lens. Behind the northern building he could barely make out a red light that was reflecting off nearby structures. He climbed back down the wall and jumped back into his trukk.

    “Time to move out!”

    Taking the lead, Nazduruk’s trukk raced around the west edge of the wall and turned north. Following his trukk was another full of Boyz and Tankbustas in their looted wagon. The Shoota Boyz with their trukk had gone around the wall to the east and was followed by another trukk of with ‘ard Boyz. The plan was to spread out and cover the center of the city so they could react to the devices as they came online. A Landraider was the only transport vehicle the Marines had with them and Nazduruk planned to take full advantage of their slowness.

    The firing of the looted wagon, wartrakks and kanz continued to blow apart Marines as they held their position on the roof. Two Marine dreadnoughts had come around the corner of the building. The return fire of the Marines and the dreadnoughts exploded two of the trakks in a showing of burning fuel. The last trakk kept driving at full speed forward through the wreckage of his squadron and was followed still by the killa kanz.

    The continual firing of the Ork advance saw more Marines fall. The Tankbustas filled the air with their rokkits, firing from the top of their wagon. Only a few of the shots hit their mark but a dreadnought’s weapon arm exploded and its legs stopped moving. Nazduruk’s trukk took a direct lascannon hit from the Landraider, turning it into a fireball. Grumbling, Nazduruk and the boyz got clear of the trukk’s remains. Some of the boyz had become impaled by some of the flying debris. If only Nazduruk had remembered to turn on his kustom force field. However, luck was on his side as the device they landed next to activated and the red light shone.

    The east advance was going well. They had reached a device there when a lacannon shot from the Marines at the end of the wall detonated the Shoota Boyz trukk. Boyz were flailing around on fire, running in circles as though it was somehow going to extinguish the flames. Meanwhile, the Slugga Boyz in the west had sped past Nazduruk to drive around the building where the other activated device sat. Reaching their destination the trukk halted next to the device.

    A bright red energy stuck the looted wagon. Unlike the other Ork vehicles the wagon did not become a flaming deathtrap, it just fell apart. As they climbed out of their wreck the Tankbustas aimed at the dreadnought still fully functional and fired. Two bomb squigs were also released and ran straight for the dreadnought. Cheering the Tankbustas watched the dreadnought erupt in an amazing display of conflagration.

    Still racing north the ‘ard Boyz’ trukk took a glancing hit, blowing off the front axle. Dirt flew up as the nose of the trukk ground through the dirt and eventually came to a stop. Unwilling to accept that his trukk wasn’t going to move, the Nob leading the ‘ard Boyz smashed his power klaw against the vehicle’s hull. When nothing happened the Nob raised his arms and let out a load cry of Waaagh! The Space Marines weren’t that far away and they would pay in blood for the loss of a trukk.

    The Shoota Boyz who were regrouping after the loss of their trukk heard a strange mechanical noise. Looking around they found the device under a wheel off their trukk and it was flashing red. As the ‘ard Boyz fought with the Tactical Squad the Landraider advanced on the Shoota Boyz who were holding a device. A bang was heard as the front ramp of the Landraider lowered and coming out of it were Terminators but they were too late to take the device.

    Sun’z Killaz

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