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October 2012

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Site News: Looking for Interested Authors (Updated)

Yep, another round of trying to wrangle up some new authors for the blog. Seems like for every six who are willing to do it, and try, only one will make it. Most show up, put up an article or two and then disappear into the warp to never be…Read More

Lootas and Shootas painted!

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Lootas and Grotbots

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Lootas and GrotbotsHello all, It was a productive week for me.  I finished the 10th loota to complete the unit.  I also managed to paint 9 shoota boyz.  For the shoota boyz I decided to try a camo scheme since…Read More

Chaos Marines

Chaos Marines: Using Marks

As I’m working on building up my Chaos Marines army I keep pondering marks. The beauty of the new codex is you can mark damn near anything. Using the right mark on the right unit for the right job can really push a unit from good to great. It can…Read More


Chaos Marines: My HQ Choice Thoughts

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking with the new Chaos codex. If there’s one area I’m struggling with in the new Chaos codex it’s the HQ choices. There are a lot of good choices and they all have their own merits. As I’m gearing…Read More

Grottrogg: Counts as Ghazghkull painted

Hello all, As I neared the completion of my loota mob (half way through the tenth model) I became distracted and started working on my warboss instead.  He’s based on the metal Ghazghkull model with some repositioning and added bits. He will swap between counting as Ghaz and just being…Read More

Chaos Marines: Nurgle

Chaos Marines: Keeping Loyalists in Their Tanks Since 2007

Hey all! Lukas here, your friendly neighborhood Necron! Browsed through the new CSM book, beautiful stuff. Especially love the fluff, and some of the thematic lists you can make! 200 Zombies anyone? :D . What really impressed me though, was the combos you can pull off. I’ve always liked list…Read More