Battle Report: Spectre Studio “New” Character

This is a Spectre Studio’s different style video Battle Report by Spectre Senence. What’s the change? Well I have played this hobby awhile and I enjoy playing with a fun personality into my armies. This stems from decades as a Dungeon Master. So I decided I want to improve the entertaining value of Spectre Studio’s battle reports without sacrificing too much content so they hold no tactica value. So the attempt is to infused some of my crazy concepts into the armies I play while filming these BatReps.

I added a cool challenge feature to one of our standard players at Crossroads, Steve Secord to add some more interest into the game. Again the videos record a recap of movement and assault but we stay with the dice in the shooting phase. I feel this will give viewers that play an idea on the performance of the units being used and help them in their own games. Hope you enjoy!





Spectre Senence

RPG gamer since 1985 and began Table Top Wargaming with Games Workshop in 1991. Played many of their fringe games such as Man-O-War, Necromunda, Space Hulk and more. Been playing 40k from the 2nd edition. I also play other board games when I can and not drawn away by my Xbox.

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