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Wargaming Archive

The hobby work occupies most of our time but second to that is wargaming.

You can find a ton, I mean a ton, of battle reports here from all of our different Warhammer 40K armies. Usually weekly there will be a new battle report or two to be found if that’s your sort of thing.

I have also created some custom Warhammer 40K missions. These were created in 6th edition and I have not updated them yet for 7th. I will be doing that soon but overall I feel they play out in 7th edition pretty well.

In each edition of Warhammer 40K, starting in 5th, I have created rules quizzes. These rules quizzes cover the entire rulebook and are strung out in a series of articles. Each quiz provides you with the answer to the question as well as the page the rule is on. It’s a great way to test your 40K knowledge.

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