Video Battle Report: Spectre Studio Episode 4

Spectre Studio: Video Battle ReportAnother Spectre Studio battle report with Spectre Wile. This battle report I skipped from when it was complete as I wanted to showcase EvilDirtyDave in a battle report since he puts up with us at our FLGS. So, with Spectre Wile he plays his battle report with a tactical tone to his video and of course he showcases his Sisters of Battle again versus his nemesis Andrew, playing his Ultramarines. Now before you shrug from SOB be warned, the simplicity of the “White Dwarf” codex for them has given Spectre Wile the ability to play and play well versus the more “complete” codex. Strange to hear and I didn’t fully believe it either but he has fought me well with the varied armies I own and at our FLGS his record has improved from the Witchhunter codex.

For this battle report I shook it up and went with the Battle Mission book and gave the Ultramarines the Vanguard mission. I was a bit of a devil and made them fight in the Imperial streets so they would not have a similar fight like the snow field battle. It was a tough fight and both battled hard in isolated conflicts all over the table. I enjoyed watching and filming this as the terrain forced both players out if their longe range comfort zone and got them close and personal. Plus, as the objectives were the game it was some interesting manoeuvering. Hope you enjoy!

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