1850 Reavers vs. Tyranids battle report

Hello all,

The other day I had a game with a friend of mine, a Tyranid player against whom most of my non-tournament games are played.  We played 1850 points to test ideas for the upcoming May tournament at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine.  The mission was Target Priority.

I brought a list that’s a little different from what I’ve been fielding, with Raemos (Bjorn) and a Godhammer Land Raider used to anchor a shooty force: http://cmdctr.net/lists/reavers-1850-bjorn-raider/

My opponent had a Tervigon, Tyranid Prime, 3 Hive Guard, 2 Zoanthropes, the Doom of Malantai in a spore, 2 squads of 20 toxic Hormagaunts, 18 Devilgaunts, 10 toxic Genestealers, a Trygon Prime, and a Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon.

The three objectives were placed with two on my right side of the board and one of my left.  He won the roll off and chose to go first, setting up a front line of hormagaunts (one squad on each side) with the tyranid prime attached to the devils ahead of the tervigon behind the hormagaunts on my right.  His hive guard were behind a building on my right, the T-fex and venoms were in the middle of his deployment.  I set up with 5-man plasma squad and Cyclone Missile Launcher in a building on my right, The Land Raider with 8-man melta squad just to their left, then Bjorn and the 10 man plasma squad.  The long fangs were behind Bjorn/grey hunters.  In the middle was the razorback with 5-man flamer squad and to my left was the typhoon squadron to prevent him from infiltrating the stealers on that flank.  I had three terminators in a pod reserved.  He infiltrated the stealers just outside the middle of his deployment.

His tervigon spawned 14 gaunts on turn one but doubled out for the game.  The gaunts holed up in the building with the hive guard to protect the objective nearest him.  The rest of his force moved forward as far as they could.  His hive guard targetted Bjorn but were our of range.  The stealers tried to push far enough for a first turn assault but fell short.  The T-fex tried for the land raider but couldn’t punch it.  In my turn I dropped my termies behind the hormogaunts on my left hoping to instakill the venoms with combimeltas.  I moved the dread, Bjorn, and the land raider toward him while pulling the typhoons toward the middle.  Everything else held back.  The venoms made their cover saves against the melta strike.  The long fangs and typhoons tore large holes in the hormagaunts and devilgaunts on my right, the dread took out a few stealers, the CML squad took 3 wounds off the hive guard (killing one) while the rest of my shooting peeled a few wounds off the trygon.  Then the dread charged the stealers.

Turn two the hormagaunts on my left doubled back to clean out the terminator squad.  The Doom made his arrival to kill one GH from the large plasma squad and all but 2 of the long fangs.  The Doom’s blast killed another long fang but the last one stuck around.  The spore immobilized Bjorn with tentacles from behind.  The Hive Guard failed to inflict any further results on Bjorn while the T-fex missed the land raider.  The weakened hormagaunts on my right surged forward to charge the large plasma squad after the devils shot a couple down and the trygon charged bjorn.  Bjorn stood his ground, suffering only a shaken result and putting a couple of wounds on the trygon.  The plasma squad tore up the hormagaunts and the dread killed a couple more stealers.  In my turn I unloaded the melta GH squad to charge the devilgaunts/tyranid prime, unloaded the flamer squad to instakill the doom with the wolf guard’s combi-melta.  The CML-plasma squad fell back a bit to shoot the Doom’s pod to death.  The typhoons took two more wounds off the hive guard while the land raider took a couple from the t-fex.  The large plasma squad moved forward to charge into the trygon knowing that it didn’t have enough attacks remove powerfisted wolf guard.  He targetted the squad rather than Bjorn, killing quite a few but Bjorn finished him off.  The melta squad cleaned up the devilgaunts and tyranid prime, losing only a few in the process.  The dread killed another stealer.

Next turn the devilgaunts moved toward the dread, hive guard wrecked the razorback, t-fex gunned down the rest of the large plasma squad.  In hand to hand the dread killed another stealer.  In return I finished off the hive guard with the CML squad.  The melta squad and land raider put a couple more wounds on the t-fex.  The typhoons focused on the venoms, who were now in the same building as the dread/stealer combat and remaining hormagaunts.  The venoms went down while some lucky scatter took out the stealers, freeing the dread to charge the remaining hormagaunts.

Then the fex got into range to gun down a bunch of the melta squad then clean them up in assault.  In my turn Bjorn and the land raider finished off the t-fex while everything that could reach focused on the gaunt squad sitting in the building near his closest objective.  The flamer squad moved to take the one nearer me.  By the end he still had a couple of gaunts holding that objective, causing us to split the secondary mission objective.  I had a large lead in Kill Points and had killed both his HQ while my one was still alive.

Overall it was a good, bloody battle on both sides.  Had he held his stealers back about two inches I would not have been able to reach them with my dread, then he could probably have made it around it to charge my long fangs or grey hunters on turn two.  The left hormagaunt squad may also have been able to get in with them if it hadn’t pulled back to get the termies.

On my side, I new the Doom was coming but I left a hole large enough for him to fit between Bjorn and my grey hunters.  Had I kept just one of them an inch or two closer to bjorn I could have blocked that spot and forced him to land on the other side of the vehicles and more likely outside the 6″ range of his Spirit Leech.  As for the termies, although they succeeded in distracting the hormagaunts away from my front lines they didn’t do much damage.  I could drop the three of them in favor of 5 power armored wolf guard with 5 combi-weapons and a fist.  This may be a little less effective in close combat than the termies but much more effective as a meltacide unit.

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