1,850 Shrike List – Final Testing

This Saturday is the 1,850 tournament at the LGS and Wednesday will be the last chance I get to try out the list before that. With the feedback I’ve received on my previous posts and my own tweaking, here’s what I hope is the final list. The list revolves around Shrike.

* Shrike

* Assault Termies x 5 w/storm shield + thunder hammers x 5
* Irconclad Dread w/seismic hammer w/melta, hurricane bolter
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon
* Irconclad Dread w/hunter killer missiles x 2, seismic hammer w/melta, DCCW w/heavy flamer
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta
– Sarge w/combi-melta
– Rhino w/storm bolter
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon
– Sarge w/combi-flamer
– Rhino w/storm bolter

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamers x 2
– Sarge w/combat shield, power fist
* Land Speeder w/heavy flamer, multi-melta

Heavy Support
* Predator w/extra armor, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
* Devs x 5 w/missiles x 3
– Drop Pod w/storm bolter

As usual, feedback is welcomed.

  • Joe

    I love shrike builds But this one is a little light on troops consider putting some CC scouts in for more alpha strike goodness I’d consider dropping the Dev squad and giving the pod to one of the tactical you might evan get in 2 squads with some points pinching. Also the scouts would make for a fluffier raven guard force

    • My 2K list has CC Scouts in a Storm but was having a hard time trying to fit them into 1,850. They do add to the alpha strike, just a matter of squeezing them in there.

      I’ve never had great luck with Tacts in pods. Heavy weapons are silent when arriving and without fail you get focused on and destroyed quickly, unless dropping defensively. Putting them into a pod is going to severely lighten my AV capabilities by removing Devs. If I then added Scouts on top of it that means also dropping the Pred, leaving me with very little AV fire and in turn all enemy AV fire dedicated to my Dreads.

  • Joe

    The scouts dont need the storm for the 1st turn assault although its an excellant pwr fist delivery system.

    I know what you mean about tacs in pods I just thought youd need to keep the 3 pod so you can get 2 down first round i assume your dropping the devs one empty.

    I’m not a big fan of devs although one really nasty trick I use is to infiltrate a dev squad using shrike with plasma cannons obviously this is terrain dependant but works well if you opponent has castled up or built a steel wall with chimeras make sure your assault squads positioned so shrike van jump to meet them in your 1st turn

    I’ve been reading through your stuff some good articles here I really liked your legion of the damned article. I have 8 inc multi melta and flamer and the sarge from the box set i can never find points in a normal list but when ever i play them in Apocalypse they do something amazing last time they single handedly took out a bane blade

    I’ve been playing ravenguard for 2 years and it was shrike that got me back into the game after a 15 yr absence i run this at 1500 points

    HQ Kayven Shrike 195
    HQ Librarian 130
    Term armour Storm bolter Gate of Infinity & Smite
    Troops Tactical squad Melta gun Multi Melta 230
    Rhino extra armour
    Troops Tactical squad Flamer Missile Launcher 220
    Rhino extra armour
    Troops Scout squad pwr fist 3 X shotgun 1x cc 100
    FA Assault marines x 7 flamer Melta bomb 151
    FA Land speeder storm mM 65
    FA Bike Squad 140
    3X bikes 1 x attack bike melta gun
    Elite Sternguard 5 men 125
    HS Vindicator siege shield extra armour 140

    Looks like a a bit of a hodge podge but actually has a lot of synergy using GOI the sternguard support shrike with the bikes acting as a screen to counter assault whilst the vindi and rhino move up to dominate the centre ground The storm either is used for a first turn charge on a tank or outflank for a late turn objective grab.

    Got any pics of your Army

    • As far as WYSIWYG goes, my Scout Sarge has a power sword. How do you find the fist works out for you though in such a small squad? With Scouts being WS3 there’s a good chance you’re putting wounds on the Sarge before he gets to swing, and being only a 4+ save I just see him going down before I1.

      The Devs are for the pod, you’re right. I’ve tried to find ways to ditch them and get another pod in but I just can’t do it in a manner I like. The problem I see infiltrating the Devs is that it’s going to leave my Assault Squad out of charge range on turn #1 since they won’t be able to infiltrate up also. I like the general idea of it though.

      Your list looks good. I plan to incorporate some Scout Bikers soon into mine. It would give me another forward unit for turn #1 at a good cost.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of my army. Been waiting to get them fully painted first. Speaking of, is this the Joe I’m doing work for?

  • Joe

    I dont think my last comment went through

    I’m not the Joe your working for I’m an entireley random Joe followed a link from BOLS to here

    The power fist is for anti tank work which is why my storm has a MM
    always best to punch something that won’t hit you back. After that you only throw them into cut down shooty units or into ongoing melee as this is the only way youll get the use of the cerburus launcher.

    Infiltrating devs is only for when the first turn charge is undesirable. The biggest downside of the shrike alpha strike is killing everything with your charge and being left out in the open for your opponrnts turn. A canny opponent will be on the look out for shrike and will bubblewrap with sacrificial units dont fall for it Shrike is suprisingly fragile to high strength pie plates.

    Ive not tried scout bikes but i swear by my bike squad with an attack bike and a melta gun or 2 you have a swiss army knife of a unit you can also take the homer on your bikes that should help get your termies in safely.

    The other thing to consider is infiltrating your termies you can only get the first turn charge with good LOS

    • In the few games I’ve had so far with this type of list I’ve learned quickly the truth of the first turn Termie charge and have been instead focusing on the Assault Marines, a unit I know can do it.

      I appreciate all the advice. You’ve brought up some stuff I hadn’t considered.

  • Joe

    Some times its worth hanging back for a really strong beta strike.

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog let us know how it goes

  • Toddb012

    Interesting list. Not the direction I’d personally take a Shrike list, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
    The key point in the game for you is going to be Deployment. Deciding which units are in Reserve, which come in at what point, etc is going to be the hinge for all your games.
    Dawn of War scenarios will stab you between the buttcheeks. All of your Infiltrating assault units will be restricted from the board at setup, and will have to slog across the board into the teeth of the enemy. It’s the one reason I really don’t like the Assault Terminators in the list.
    If you’re going to run a practice game, I’d highly recommend you ask whoever you match with to play a DoW deployment scenario so you’re playing to your weaknesses. Spearhead will be a much better game for you, so don’t waste a a game on that one. If you get a gunline opponent, see about trying out Pitched Battle instead. It’ll show you how well you can weather massed fire, and how quickly you can get to grips with the foe.

    • The Assault Termies, unless the perfect situation presents itself, will be deep striking. Mostly, they’re being used as a threat to push attention where I want it. Fleeting Hammernators can’t be left alone.

      I agree, DoW messes with things for sure. In DoW I think I’ll have to play a bit more conservative to get things into position before I go in for the kill. However, having fleet on everything, minus Dreads of course, helps alleviate some of the issue of DoW set up. I may be further back but I can still get there quicker than most.

      I think Dave wants to play me tonight so I’ll do a two-fold. First, play DE for the first time and second, try out DoW. Should be interesting.

      • Toddb012

        I wish I could find the time to testmy list, but my week is packed with Bruins games, custom window order pickups, dog agility classes, and painting.
        I’ll be bringing a all-fast list. Nothing in the list will move less than 12″ per turn. Zoooom!

        • It is possible to record Bruins games ya know :P

          • Toddb012

            They always lose on DVR!
            Also, the wife wants my time on Weds/Thurs/Fri night. At least I’m on vacation next week.

            • Only a true fan-atic would claim they always lose on DVR, haha!

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