40K for 2013: Another Gaming Year Down

WinningSaturday was the last 40K gaming I’ll get in for the year so it’s time to review how I did this year compared to the previous year.

In 2012 my overall gaming record was 34 wins, 59 losses and 6 draws, a 34% win ratio. Not very impressive at all. I played three armies in 2012, Orks, Space Marines and Chaos Marines. The Orks went 0 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw. Unsurprisingly that was the last time I played my Orks. Space Marines went 6 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw. Finally, Chaos Marines went 28 wins, 43 losses and 4 draws. Not a great year at all for me. In 2012 we had 6th edition drop and I struggled a lot to find a place in it with my armies. Then later in that year the new Chaos codex came out and I had to re-learn the army.

Now, competitively in 2012 (tournaments), my overall record was 15 wins, 23 losses and 1 draw, a 38% win ratio. Still not great but better, albeit barely, than my overall record.

That brings us to 2013. This past Saturday I played my final games of 40K for the year in a tournament. For 2013 my gaming record ended at 44 wins, 47 losses and 1 draw, a 48% win ratio, and the only army I played was my Chaos Marines. I’d would have liked to have reached at least a 50% ratio but still, 48% is a big improvement over last year’s 34%. Competitively, this year I was 17 wins and 19 losses, a 47% win ratio compared to last year’s 38%.

Gaming Record: Overall
Gaming Record: Overall

I may track all this data but I also don’t let it weigh on me when negative or bloat my ego if positive. I just enjoy tracking data to look at trends and for the simple sake of having historical information. It’s just another element of the hobby to me that I enjoy looking at. I’m pretty happy though to see an improvement. I mean, who likes getting worse at a game they enjoy? The last half of this year went a lot better for me than the opening half of the year and where I saw most of my improvement. I really struggled early in the year, again with 6th edition still being new and the new Chaos codex. I feel like I finally have a grasp on everything and maybe this coming year will see more improvement.

I just put together a chart showing my gaming history since 2006 when I began showing my win ratio over the years. I didn’t start playing in tournaments until 2009 and my overall is there from 2006 on but the win ratio was so small it’s barely there :)

  • khorneinquisitor

    Kudos to you for keeping track. I’ve tried but I just lack the dedication to it. I probably sit about where you sat in 2012. I would be curious of a breakdown by assault and shooting. Perhaps if you could guess by theme or list?

    • I use Battle Tome on Command Center for keeping track. I just enter in a game later that day/night or the next day while I remember. It does keep track by list if you use it but I never do since I’m always changing lists around. I do know though that my improvements the last half of this year came from assault focused lists.

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