40K and Hoarding

I have been playing in an escalation campaign at my FLGS and I made a tactical mistake before the first game was ever played. I chose to play Grey Knights.

My Grey Knights army is really a one trick pony and it’s meant to play out at 1,500 points. My whole point of picking up the GK was not to really collect another army but to have a small force that I could play from time to time and use some of the odd minis I have collected over time as henchmen and do some conversions for vehicles. Conversions are my favorite part of the hobby.

This is my current 1500 point list


Henchmen Squad: 6 Psykers, 2 Jakero, 2 Servitors w/plasma cannons. Chimera

Henchmen Squad: 3 Warrior acolytes   w/Razorback Psybolt

Henchmen Squad:5DKA, 4 Demonhosts Chimera

10 Teminators w/Banner 2 Psycannons

Librarian: w/ Shrouding, Summoning, Might of Titan and Warp Rift.

Techmarine Rad and Psy Grenades 3 servoskulls

Psyfleman Dreadnought.

That’s around 1500 points give or take. Strategy: get to center board pop smoke and shroud. Weather shooting phase summon terminators and assault with DKA and Demon-hosts. The Librarian or the Techmarine will be with that squad to tip them into T4 and give them hammer hand or grenades. With 2 fire teams (Coteaz and the Dread), and a mobile scoring unit running around to take objectives.

So that was my idealistic side at work. Now the cold hard reality is kicking in. Now that I am playing this army at several different point increments and losing or drawing because my build does not scale well. My intention was only to play 1,500 point games and I could have just played my Orks which I own pretty much everything for in bulk. Now I am on the edge looking down into a sea of sprues and plastic glue fumes rolling back at me. Visions of Storm Turkeys and Land Raiders haunt me.

This is leading me to rationalizing my hoarding addiction. I have decided that if I am going to get a Storm Turkey. Because I neeeeeeeeed one. I will sell my mostly unopened fantasy Dwarf army. I feel that this is a good trade. Unopened probably means I will never play them and the reality is I will end up with a Storm Turkey or Land Raider soon enough.

  • So internet what should it be Storm Raven or Land Raider?
  • Am I just making deals with myself to hide my addiction?
  • What is the fair market value of Dwarf High King Thorgrim and The Throne of Power?

  • Jonathan

    Definitely go Stormraven.  They’re immune to melta (no extra d6 for pen), they’re fast skimmers, and they can deliver a serious chunk of hurt to the enemy’s lines quickly.

  • TheRhino

    The Land Raider and the Stormraven do two entirely different things.
    The Land Raider is a brick. If you can surround it with your own units, keeping deepstriking melta away from it, it lasts forever. Yuo can park a scoring unit in one, and dare the enemy to come take an objective from you.
    The Stormraven is a beatstick delivery system. You boost it aruond until you’re in striking range of a move+disembark+assault, and dump whatever choppy unit you have inside into the enemy. Grey Knights Stormravens’ gunnery abilities are…sad. It’s also only AV12. They take krak missiles and lascannon fire, and go down in flames. You can boost for a 4+ cover save, but half of the damage results kill you if you fail a save (immobile on a boosting skimmer = wrecked).
    If you’re going to go for Ravens, you want more than one, sadly. One is a turkey shoot. Two is a fighting chance.

    No clue on the values of the Dwarf stuff.

  • Anonymous

    @8220febe79a3b16e16374d7c606e0f6e:disqus That is what many people are saying and I would like to run a nasty DKA unit out of it. Do you run a Stormraven?

  • Anonymous

    @6159ff002c0672c70f161d70dadf4e60:disqus  I think that I will end up with both in the long run. I think that my list really leans towards the Land Raider because it is about center board control and using the Librarian and his Summoning powers. Coteaz would also really help with blasting any deep strikers 

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