40K Tournament Report: Chaos Space Marines 6th Edition Farewell

Warhammer 40K 6th EditionThis past Saturday was an 1,850 Warhammer 40K tournament at my FLGS. It’s the last 40K 6th edition tournament I’ll get to play in since 7th edition is arriving this week.

I brought the Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Space Marines, using this list here. I’ve long given up on creating solid tournament lists and I just put together lists I feel will be fun to play. Generally I don’t do well at tournaments, even with stronger lists, so I may as well at least have fun playing my army.


Tournament: Game #1

My first game was against TheRhino and his Space Marines using Iron Hands chapter tactics. He had a Master of the Forge list packed with assorted Dreadnought variants and tanks. We played on a ruined city board with a lot of dense terrain. I got to choose deployment so I put him in the most dense corner of the board, old spearhead deployment. I wanted to run at him early and pin him into his table quarter so I could maneuver around freely for objectives; and that’s just what I did.

Between dense terrain, his lack of mobility and his deployment, he was stuck trying to get better firing angles and playing defense to my moves instead of being able to go on the offensive. An amusing highlight was my Raptors lead by my Sorcerer failing charges all game long and when they finally got to combat, on the last turn, my Sorcerer turning into a Spawn as a result. It was a fun game and TheRhino’s army always looks great. I took a 31-5 win.

Tournament: Game #2

Next game was against Eldar using a very non-internet Eldar list. His list had War Walkers, Dark Reapers, Warp Spiders…you know, the stuff that nobody takes. His army was packed behind an Aegis Defense Line so I opted for a refused flank deployment and ran up the left flank. I took an early lead as he reacted to my deployment, as I was able to snag lone squads with little support, but he fought back well and the Dark Reapers were putting a serious dent in my army. It was a close game with him taking an 18-13 win.

Tournament: Game #3

Final game was against a very tough Tau with Space Marines ally list featuring a Riptide with Buffmander, Tau Commander all jacked up and shooty, Iron Hands Chapter Master on Bike with the trimmings, Stormraven…you get the idea. It’s a list I’ve faced a few times and have never done well against.

There was a lot going on in this game but there were a few key moments. My Spawn were fighting his Commander and Chapter Master and I won the combat. Both of his HQs, they were not joined, broke from combat and I ran down the Commander while the Chapter Master fell just shy of his table edge. That let my Spawn rampage his back line and later finish off his Chapter Master.

The next moment was a hail mary. He had the Riptide with Buffmander contesting an objective I needed along with a Techpriest. I fired two autopistol shots from Cultists at the Techpriest and took him out. My Obliterators fired twin-linked plasmaguns at the Riptide w/Buffmander and killed the unwounded Riptide in that volley of fire. That opened up the objective which I claimed and took a 23-13 win.

Tournament: Conclusion

It was a fun day and a good ending to 6th edition for my Chaos Space Marines, though they will get in one more game this week. I ended the day 2nd place, which is my best showing in a long time. I did win best painted model for Warpsmith Grimtech, so I got some credit to put towards the new rulebook this week. The fun of figuring out Chaos Space Marines in 7th edition begins soon.

  • Amish

    Can you link me where you saw my “net list” online or anywhere?

    • Admittedly net-list is the wrong term. I have not seen that list elsewhere and I also didn’t mean it negatively. I used it to describe your list in the sense of optimized and tough, which lead me to net-list as a term.

  • JD Brink

    Congrats! (Though also glad to hear someone took non-wraithy eldar and won)

    • Not to mention having no Wave Serpents. Yeah, it was a breath of fresh air for sure.

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