500pt Ork List for Upcoming Campaign

OrkAt the LGS we’re going to be doing a campaign starting next week. The first game is a mega-battle. An old fashioned free-for-all with however many players attend. It’s set for 500pts with a limited force org: 1 HQ, 1 Troop, and 0-1 everything else with the ability to double up any slot other than HQ. After pondering over a few different ideas I’ve settled for this Ork list:

* Warboss w/’eavy armor, cybork body, power klaw

* Nobz x 7: All have stikkbombz, ‘eavy armor and cybork bodies and then 1 power klaw, 2 big choppas, 3 slugga choppas, and a Painboy. They also have a Waaagh! banner and a bosspole.
– Battlewagon w/big shoota

The idea is simple, make them work for every wound they get and nothing does that better than Nobz with a 4+/5+ and FNP. Oh, and of course Nobz are great in assault. I may only having 8 models but that’s still 17 wounds with the aforementioned goodies. I kept the Battlewagon bare bones to get more Nobz.

Of course, the problem with fielding a hammer unit like this is being focused on early. I’m just hoping to be one of the earlier turns so I can get my ass in combat ASAP and take it from there. With so many potential players, I figure I’ll keep the strategy simple.

The campaign is being feed to us as needed. We know that after this mega-battle that teams will be created. The last person out will take the first person out on their team and get first pick. The second to last person out will take the second person out and get second pick. After that they pick who they want.

  • ming from b&c

    News Alert – Sycho515 wins vs Ripped – Nids over BAs. Battle report soon at Ripped’s blog. The “Battle of Brownfield”…

    Other than that – nice 500 pt Ork list above…

    • Cool. I’ll keep an eye out for the video.

  • Anonymous

    Brutal list, Thor. I don’t know if I could even bring something to match that with my Tau. Although I won’t be taking part in the campaign, I wish you the best of luck.

    • Thanks. I think though that I’m going to give the Warboss a big choppa and one of the Nobz the power klaw. That way on the charge my Warboss is I5 and he’s S8, worst case he’s I4 and S7. It’s nice having a constant S10 attack, Warboss w/PK, but I don’t think I’m going to be needing it so much in this game. The Nob is still S8-9 with the PK anyway.

  • Todd the Goalie

    Not sure I’ll be there for ths one, but I was pondering the idea of taking a Chapter Master, just to be able to drop the S10, AP1 template dead in the middle of the battle and wreck faces. KABOOM!

    • Better yet, take a bare bones Chapter Master, 5 Scouts, and then 2 Vindicators :)

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