April Tournament Report: Snow…Seriously?

Tournament: Evil Easter BunnyIt was raining in the morning and by the time I got to the LGS for the monthly tournament it was snowing. Even for Maine that’s uncharacteristic and it did clear off later in the day and go figure, the next day was damn near 70 degrees. It is a rather good analogy of my day of gaming.

I brought Fate’s Angels and stuck with my recent use of Monthu (aka: Shrike). I admit this list isn’t mind-blowing and could use some work but at the end I decided to run what I knew and had been testing with during the month. I have some ideas for next month but changing up a list a few days before the tournament is never a good idea.

* Shrike
* Librarian w/TDA, storm bolter
* Termies x 5 w/TH, SS + Redeemer
* Tacts x 10 w/plasma, multi-melta + Sarge w/c-melta, fist + Rhino w/HK
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, las + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/HK
* Scouts x 5 w/CCWs + Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword
* Storm w/assault cannon
* Assault Marines x 9 w/plasma pistol x 1 + Sarge w/SS, fist
* Devs x 6 w/ML x 4
* Pred w/autocannon, las

Getting right to it, my first game was against Tau. He had a very suit heavy list that only used 2 x 6 Fire Warriors, Hammerhead with an ion cannon and a Skyray for stuff that wasn’t a Suit. Our mission was King of the Hill with me going first. I deployed my vehicles on the 12″ mark from the center with my Devs hanging back in some woods behind them all. He deployed much the same, though spread out more to get some better firing lanes. We both infiltrated and I got to go first and put ASM on the left flank, near some Crisis Suits. He put Stealth Suits in the center of his quarter ahead of his Fire Warriors in some ruins, being at 18″ from my lead Land Raider.

I well imagine many are going to realize how this went based on the deployment. First turn, ASM charged Suits and destroy them. Land Raider moves up and Termies fleet out and kill the Stealth Suits. Both units consolidate towards other units. He returns fire on both units and ASM are knocked down to around 6-7 and I believe a Termie went down, making a ton of saves from Farsight and his buddies. His dice were honestly failing him at this point. Again, as you expect, those units went on to charge into more stuff after surviving all that fire and there just wasn’t anything he could do. I had him tabled at the end of turn #3 and took full points for a massacre win.

Second game was night and day from the first. I played against a horde IG army that has a lot of ‘tricks’ and works as a very cohesive force. Covering his list beyond that last sentence would take a while. He’s an avid tournament participant and I’m talking GTs and such. He’s a member of the US ETC team so I knew this was going to tax my ability as a player for sure.

We played Target Priority, modified kill points, with him taking first turn. His army spread throughout his quarter with Al’Rahem outflanking in a Chimera with some dudes and around 30’ish dudes on foot with him. I castled up, using my Land Raider to shield my Rhinos from all his heavy weapons. I infiltrated my ASM to the safety of my castle too. There wasn’t much ASM and Monthu were going to do to a huge blob of IG.

I lost my Storm in the first turn and 2 Scouts. In hindsight I should have just reserved those guys but as my readers may recall, I tend to do stupid shit in KP missions. My retaliation was taking out a Chimera that had Straken and some dudes in it. He then gets his outflankers and arrives on my right flank, not much else of note occurs. I decide that there’s no way I can make it forward with my force in the face of his heavy weapons and reliably deal with the blobs of IG so I send my Termies and ASM to deal with the flankers on foot and level some guns that way also. I got tied up in assault and he then moves his Chimera with Al’Rahem next to my LR and popped it with 3 meltaguns. After a few turns I cleared out my flank and began moving back towards him.

Eventually I did reach his front lines with the ASM but it was a result of falling short of a charge and being charged in return. My Termies were forced to flee, Psyker Battle Squad + Inquisitor combo. Amazingly my ASM barely held on and my Termies regrouped and charged in to aid the ASM. The game ended after my counter-charge with the ASM being dragged down but Monthu held out against the overwhelming odds.

In the end he took 10 KPs to my 6, enough to grant him a minor victory, a result I’m happy with. It’s like getting into the boxing ring against a professional and losing but your head is still attached to your neck.

My final game was against Tyranids playing Battlefield Superiority, taking table quarters. His list was a pretty shooty list for bugs. I got first turn and set up from center to left with my Predator in the back left corner with a nice firing lane next to my Devs. He set up spread out, looking to use his numbers to swarm the quarters. I infiltrated Monthu and ASM about 12″ from his Zoanthropes and Hive Guard, behind a big landing pad.

First turn I charged in the ASM into the Hive Guard and Zoanthropes, my shooting put a few wounds on a Tervigon and removed most of his Gargoyles. The Guard were wiped out but the Zoanthropes held on. His return fire was minimal in effect but the ASM were counter-charged by a ton of Gaunts, the Tervigon of course making more to add to the numbers. I held on barely there but it was only a matter of time.

I moved up my Land Raider to the center and the Termies got out, charging Warriors and some Gaunts. I figured if I could break the center then I could push through with my Tacts and at least clear a quarter. I woefully underestimated the Warriors and was left with 2 Termies. At this point I knew I was playing for a draw and positioned myself for some last turn quarter contention, which is exactly what happened.

I had some great games and despite only going 1-1-1 I was happy with my performance. My list may not have been exactly what I wanted but my experience with it shone through and allowed me to have some good games. I ended up placing 4th out of 18 players, 2pts behind 3rd place. First place went to RippedDragon, a second place tie between my 2nd round IG opponent and a Ork player with 3rd going to Daemons.

  • Loquacious

    That second game would have killed me for sure. I just don’t know what to do with hordes yet.

    • I so rarely face it myself that I was sweating it, never mind he’s a really good player on top of it. Having second turn and a unit arrive on my flank really made the decision for me. Had I first turn then I imagine things would have gone very differently and he’d have destroyed me.

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